Cool Cat: Sarah Hallacher

Cats, Patterns, Speech Bubbles and Bright Colors. That’s a simplified description of the MMT packaging. Our co-founder, Jeff, is responsible for the quirky animal drawings on all of our labels. Often the drawings are lifted directly from miscellaneous papers that he’s doodled on. They’re unfussy and irreverent- they’re little jokes and stories that we tell in the studio- we don’t belabor them, so they have a lighthearted, whimsical spirit.

A few years ago, we started working with Sarah Hallacher on our branding and packaging design...


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Sun-screening, Vegan Style

It’s that time of year again. Correction, it’s been that time of year again. When the sun is blazing and you can’t leave the house without your sunhat and a healthy layer of sunblocking cream slathered over your skin. Or for those of us that wear block all year round… we’re just upping our numbers. I go from a 15 to a 30 personally.




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July 29, 2015

My Sister the Nutritionist: Vitamin D

Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin important for good overall health. It keeps your heart, lungs, brain, and other muscles working properly, your bones strong, and has a role in fighting off infections. Adequate vitamin D levels can protect you from depression, heart disease, and cancer or aging of the skin!

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Move over gin and tonic...

Juniper is more than just a nightcap! A natural detoxifier and cleanser, juniper essential oil is steam distilled from the aerial parts of the plant, most notably the edible berries. The scent is fresh and clean, with a slight woody and even fruity sweetness.

Juniper is one of the oldest aromatherapeutic and ritualistic plants, used historically to fend off evil spirits and illness. The aroma of...

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Introducing, Meow Meow Tweet Baby

We believe that a nontoxic lifestyle should start at, well…the start!

From ten little fingers to ten tiny toes and every inch of delicate skin in between, Meow Meow Tweet Baby has been carefully crafted to keep your baby soft, comfortable and above all, safe from potentially toxic ingredients by using only the purest, plant-derived formulas. 

After falling in love with her nephew and her best...

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May 26, 2015

Vegan Beauty Affair

Have you heard?! Meow Meow Tweet co-founder, Tara Pelletier is teaming up with Sarah Peltier of the Vegan Shop-Up to host Vegan Beauty Affair, a seasonal showcase of the finest vegan and cruelty-free beauty brands and products using natural, safe and sustainable ingredients. It’s the first all vegan event of its kind in NYC and is free to attend.

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Fatty Acids are the Key

Specifically, lineolic vs. oleic acid. Lineolic acid is a fatty acid that is naturally present in your skin’s sebum (the oil produced by your skin to protect it from the elements). A deficiency in lineolic acid causes the skin to produce sebum with high levels of oleic acid which is dry and sticky and may lead to blackheads and clogged pores.

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My Sister the Nutritionist: Magnesium

Although not given much attention in the media, magnesium is the fourth most abundant cation (positively charged molecule) in the body!

Magnesium’s role in the body is primarily regulatory. It participates in more than 300 types of enzyme-mediated reactions in the body! Specifically it has a role in breaking down carbohydrates and fat, forming proteins and antioxidants, the creation of DNA and...

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All Your Skin Ever Wanted, Body Oil

We can’t sing enough praises about body oil as a substitution for body lotion. Is your skin desperate for moisture (hello, winter)? Forget. About. Lotion.image

Body oils are trimmed down to their most essential, close-to-plant ingredients. They provide a function that is much more effective and long-lasting than lotion, which is full of fillers and sometimeschemicals. In one 8 oz bottle of lotion you...

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