Beer Shampoo Bar

June 20, 2011

This Spring we introduced a new soap to our standard line of bars. It is our very own Beer Shampoo bar. Beer, you say? Exactly. We replaced the water in this recipe with an organic pale ale, similar to what we do in our coffee and tea soaps. We dissolve the lye in beer before we combine it with the oils and butters that we chose specifically for their benefits to one’s hair and scalp. The benefits of the beer are not only extracurricular, the proteins found in malt and hops repair damaged hair and make it soft while the sugars in the beer tighten the hair’s cuticle which enhance the shine.

The color of this soap is a result of not only the beer, but aloe vera powder, which we’ve added as a natural detangler. If you look at most natural hair conditioners, the active ingredient is aloe vera. Organic jojoba oil, mimics the scalp’s natural sebum oil and promotes the flow of sebum when needed or dissolves it when there is excess. Jojoba is seriously an amazing ingredient for hair care. Hempseed oil can thicken the hair texture and keep the scalp dandruff-free. Our Spring scent is Blood Orange & Coriander, which we impart using essential oils. The fresh, tangy scent of blood orange combines with the slight spice of coriander to leave you feeling uplifted and fresh after washing your hair.

In the end, the shampoo bar is more ecological of a choice than bottled shampoos (we may be biting ourselves in the proverbial foot here)- the little paper wrapper on our bar can be recycled or used as notepaper. The paper we use is already made from hemp and post-consumer paper waste. Not to mention, bars generally last longer than liquid soaps. Some of you may have never used a bar soap as a shampoo. It’s not difficult, you take the bar and you rub it on your head. Or, lather the bar up in your hands and transfer the lather to your hair. What’s good for your hair is good for your whole body, so feel free to use this soap as a body bar too.

Beer Shampoo Bar

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