A message from our President

June 12, 2011

As Meow Meow Tweet sidles up to it’s third year, we have many exciting things afoot. Over time we have gotten a lot of similar questions about what we do and the things we make, and while we attempt to answer those questions to the fullest in person, we don’t always have the luxury of meeting you that way. So this is a way for us to do just that. We will showcase products (old and new) and our process, so that you can get the “behind-the-scenes” experience. Otherwise, it is a platform to share things that inspire our process and new collaborations that we have on the horizon.

As many of you know (or should know) we are a two-person operation. This means that everything with our name on it is conceived, formulated, designed, crafted and used by us. We founded Meow Meow Tweet out of a desire to participate in local commerce by sharing what we think is one of life’s simplest pleasures: soap. As purveyors, we hope to impact small changes in the lives of our customers through the physical, emotional and ecological healthfulness of completely natural and organic goods for your body. With MMT, we hope to make that experience accessible and our process transparent. We seek to inspire and be inspired with what we make, and when it happens share it with others. We hope that you’ll enjoy following along.  

Our VP, and scent connoisseur

Disclaimer: We can’t make promises that we won’t post photos of our cats in the future- but in an attempt not to be too literal to our name, we will try to keep the cat-indulgance to a minimum. However, this is probably the place to introduce them, as they’ve inspired much of the look for our packaging. (photos graciously and beautifully taken by Doug Johnston


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