On Horses and Goats, a note for the New Year

January 11, 2015

2015, the year of the goat is a Yin energy, a symbol of peace, harmonious co-existence and tranquility. That is the primary and fundamental mood for this year.


Happy New Year! Yes, yes, we’re a little late here but with good excuse. We were taking a break. 2014 was a wonderful, challenging and teaching year for MMT and we needed a little time to recoup, take a step back and scheme for the new year.

Here are some highlights from 2014 in no particular order… we made a crap-ton of deodorant, lip balm and soap, met and became friends with a handful of inspiring green beauty bloggers and owners of peer companies, collaborated with our friends at Brooklyn Grooming on a beard and shave soap, launched in Canada, were featured in O Magazine, Elle, W, Good Housekeeping and Byrdie, made a cross-country road-trip, introduced our effective and revolutionary new baking soda free deodorant, made a demo album of new music, made our first essential oil scratch and sniff, got too big for our space, moved, got new retailers in Minneapolis, Massachusetts, South Carolina, Oregon and California (to name a few), launched a natural perfume line and got our Leaping Bunny certification.

Reflecting on these things and our overarching goals for MMT, we’ve made a plan for the new year that reflects our personal needs, company ethics and goals.

As we proudly and often proclaim, we craft all of our products by hand in small batches in our Brooklyn studio. This year, we will move production of our classic (baking soda) deodorant and lip balms out-of-house to a small U.S. manufacturer. Outsourcing our production will allow us to produce more, provide better quality control and add more scents to those lines. It will also allow us to lower the price on our lip balm (whoa-yea!) and hopefully someday the deodorant will follow suit. We realized after months of struggling to keep up with demand that our skills, inspiration and experience are better utilized on creative projects, new formulations and spreading the word about MMT.

We’ve been working with the manufacturer over the past few months to source ingredients and train them to make the product. Rest assured, the same standards for ingredient sourcing and production will be in place. It’ll just be like MMT got a much bigger studio, with much better equipment, and awesome new teammates.

In the same breath, you’ll notice that we have discontinued our candles, dog shampoo and liquid soap. We are streamlining the line to concentrate solely on our personal care products, limited edition seasonal products, and a new collection that we’ll be launching in the Spring.

In addition to new stuff, we will be hitting the pavement to bring MMT into more brick and mortars in more cities so that you can buy locally! Make sure you write us a note if there’s a store in your area that you want to stock us.

As always, we owe a HUGE thanks to you! This relationship is symbiotic and we know it. Thank you for your continued support, patience, kind notes, ecstatic reviews, spreading the word, and overall charm. Cheers to the year of the goat!


Tara, Jeff and the Cats.

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