All Your Skin Ever Wanted, Body Oil

January 22, 2015

We can’t sing enough praises about body oil as a substitution for body lotion. Is your skin desperate for moisture (hello, winter)? Forget. About. Lotion.

Body oils are trimmed down to their most essential, close-to-plant ingredients. They provide a function that is much more effective and long-lasting than lotion, which is full of fillers and sometimes chemicals. In one 8 oz bottle of lotion you might have 2 to 4 oz of moisturizing oils, and the rest is water, preservatives and emulsifying ingredients. In the same size bottle of body oil, all you get is the moisturizing oil. This means that with every application you’re treating your skin to what it needs, not a bunch of superfluous stuff.

If you’re already a body oil convert, you may have heard that applying your body oil right after the shower when skin is still moist and only lightly patted dry is the best (and least greasy) way of reaping the rewards of those nourishing plant oils. True, true. The skin is warm and wet and the pores are open and inviting, allowing the oil to absorb faster and deeper.

But have you tried applying your body oil while in the shower? Like most busy people, I’m always looking to cut down on time in my daily routine without cutting down on care. So I started applying body oil to my full body while waiting for my hair conditioner, which I leave in for a few minutes. My routine: I wash my hair, wash my body, exfoliate (3 times per week), apply conditioner, apply body oil, rinse— and of course sing the whole way through. I find that by the time I get my hair rinsed and am out of the shower, patting dry, the oils are completely soaked in and I am left with soft, buttery skin, ready for the day.

(Another tip, try applying hand balm to just-washed, still-moist hands to have the same quick-soaking effect!)

Pick your poison, try one of our four body oils scents here or all four in our mini sizes.

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