5 Healing Essential Oils for Your Green Beauty Routine

April 11, 2017

Essential oils are powerful plant compounds that are incredibly useful in almost every part of our lives. I use them in my beauty and self care routines, and I diffuse them constantly in my home. They're really healing and can be used topically and inhaled to help heal skin issues, cuts and bruises, stomach pains, and they can help to reduce stress and anxiety. Today I want to share some unique oils that work to soothe and heal. I'll also share where you can find these healing powerhouses in Meow Meow Tweet goodies.


When I think of healing oils, Frankincense is the first one that comes to mind. Really useful in skincare, this oil helps improve cell function and circulation, reduce inflammation, and it has also been shown to be helpful in balancing hormones, improving memory, and even suppressing cancer cells.

Those are some big claims, so if you'd like to learn more about the studies conducted, all sources will be at the bottom of this post.

This is one of those oils that you can use all over your life. Diffuse it, add it to your DIY beauty recipes, and keep it around so you'll always have some. You can also find this healing essential oil in the Frankincense + Flowers Body Oil, a nourishing oil that you can use as a body oil, bath oil, hair treatment, or you could even mix it with some sugar for a simple scrub.


Basil is a spicy but also herbal oil that's really useful for cooling the skin and releasing tension. Add a few leaves to your next face steam for a refreshing, tension relieving steam that will increase your skin's glow and softness.

You can also scrub the basil benefits all over with the Juniper Lemon Salt Scrub, made with Pacific sea salt, hydrating and organic oils, and basil essential oil.


Myrrh is an essential oil that's not used often, but it's incredibly healing. Used by the Egyptians as medicine and mummification, it has powerful cleansing properties, it's soothing, and it can help reduce signs of ageing, so it's really beneficial for your skincare routine.

It's also helpful for dealing with dry, cracked skin, and skin issues like eczema and athlete's foot. That's why it's in the Repair Balm, a powerful healing balm for dry skin that needs some TLC.


While Lavender is a more common essential oil, that doesn't mean it isn't incredibly healing. I love lavender because it's calming, but it's also helpful in healing bug bites, burns, cuts, eczema, and dry skin.

It also smells amazing, and just smelling it brings me an instant calm feeling. That's why it's great in the Herbal Insect Repellent, along with lemongrass (another favourite oil of mine), cedar, geranium, and fir. The healing combination works with witch hazel and alcohol to repel bugs without using chemicals that harm you and your environment.


Immortelle, also known as Helichrysum, is a unique essential oil that's really useful in your skincare routine. It's anti-inflammatory, which is great for reducing the redness and irritation that can lead to breakouts. It helps your skin renew itself by getting rid of dead skin cells. Immortelle is also an antiseptic and antibiotic which means it can fight the bacteria that leads to acne. It's also an antioxidant which prevents aging.

You can find this powerhouse oil in the Face Toner, an easy to use spray toner that's great for morning and night, as a makeup setting spray, and for refreshment throughout the day.

What are your favourite essential oils to use?

For more information on Essential Oils check out our Essential Oil Primer

Study: Frankincense on Tumor Cells

Sarah Price is a green beauty and self care writer with an obsession with holistic skincare. She writes about natural beauty, DIY recipes, self care tips, and more on her self titled blog

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