A Look at Our Multi-purpose Products

July 12, 2017

Multi-purpose products are one of the easiest ways to simplify your personal care routine. Most of our products are formulated to be  safe for your whole body allowing them to be used for different purposes. Let's take a look at some of our favourites.

Face Toner as a Makeup Setting Spray

Our Face Toner has healing witch hazel, calming rose, and soothing lavender that work together to repair your skin. Those ingredients also make our toner a great makeup setting spray. They'll soothe and hydrate your skin so your concealer and foundation will stay smooth and in place all day long.

Face + Body Cream as a Cleansing Balm

Our Face + Body Cream is a dreamy cream that you can use all over. Like the name suggests, you can use it as a facial cream or body cream. New mothers can even use it on their belly or nipples. But you can also use it as a luxurious cleansing balm.

After washing your hands, simply scoop a small amount and apply to your skin as you would any other cleanser. Massage in gentle, circular motions for a minute or two. Remove with a warm face cloth and pat dry. Your skin will be cleansed and moisturized, all in one.

Shampoo Bar as Body Soap

Our Rosemary Avocado Shampoo Bar is an eco friendly alternative to plastic bottles, but it's more than a shampoo. You can also use this bar as an all over body soap. It will cleanse and clean without stripping your skin of it's natural oils.

Body Oil as Hair Oil

Our Body Oil is one of the best multi-purpose products. It's become one of my favourite ways to hydrate my skin because it sinks in very quickly so you're not left with a heavy, oily feeling. You can use it as an everyday moisturizer, or you can put a few drops into your bath for a nourishing bath oil. You can also use it as a hair oil to moisturize and even tame frizzy hair.

Our body oil also pairs well with our Body Soap, another multi-purpose product. You can read about all of it's uses here.

Spot Serum as Bug Bite Remedy

Our Spot Serum is great for handling acne, but it can also be used for handling bug bites. The jojoba oil helps to moisturize the area, which will protect and soothe your skin. The healing essential oils, like thyme, peppermint, and eucalyptus, will help speed up your skin's recovery time.

Sarah Price is a green beauty and self care writer with an obsession with holistic skincare. She writes about natural beauty, DIY recipes, self care tips, and more on her self titled blog.

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