Cat Out of the Bag: Our New Underarm Primer

May 21, 2017

Cheer up angry pits! At long last, a little sidekick to keep irritation at bay and assist with the transition to natural deodorant. Our underarm primer is a light, rich lotion made of nourishing plant oils and anti-inflammatory plant distillates. The unique formula acts to balance pH, moisturize, prep and maintain pits. Outright heavenly, it's formulated specifically for sensitive skin and can be used on its own or in tandem with any of our deodorants.  You’ll smell fresh and worry less!  

But really, what does it do?


It conditions, moisturizes and heals delicate underarm skin after shaving or an ordinary day of irritating underarm friction caused by physical activity. 


Deodorant, deodorant, deodorant… so much product in those sweet little pits. Whether you’re making the switch to natural deodorant or you’re a long time user, your skin wants to clear itself of product build up. The Primer facilitates this through the use of cleansing and reconditioning plant ingredients.


Loving your deodorant but feel like you need a little ‘oomph' on some days? The Underarm Primer will help make your deodorant more effective and last longer. You can even use the Primer on days when you want to forego deo and give your pits a little break!


Recalibrates skin pH to help avoid sensitivity often caused by the skin’s natural acidity combining with alkaline deodorant products without disrupting your underarm’s micro biome. 

We're crazy about multipurpose products here at MMT. You can think of the primer as an anti-inflammatory, antibacterial lotion- so feel free to use it on your face, hands or anywhere you need a little lightweight moisture.

 Buy it here.

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