Cool Cat: Sara Damelio

September 19, 2017

As a segment of our blog, we’re featuring people from our community that have galvanized us on our path as a small business, as activists, as artists, and as engaged humans. These creative folks are doing super cool things. The feature is called “Cool Cat” because each and every one of them are inspiring and make us want to be better at what we’re doing.

Today we highlight Sara Damelio from The Emerald Door in Washington, D.C., and learn about her path to esthetics, how she incorporates MMT into her treatments and some great skincare advice. 

Tell us a little bit about yourself, your shop, etc. 
My name is Sara Damelio, I'm 40 years old and I have been a licensed Esthetician in the Washington, DC-area for 18 years. I had sensitive skin issues (think breakouts, chronic irritation, large pores) when I was younger and found that organic/clean/green skincare were the only products that helped. I work with clients to help them navigate the world of clean beauty, and get them on a regimen that gives them that healthy glow! 
I am a managing partner at The Emerald Door green beauty spa in Silver Spring, MD. The Emerald Door is the only green beauty spa in the DC-area and we believe in giving amazing services (mani/pedi/facial/waxing) and use only the highest quality, small batch clean products like Meow Meow Tweet.

How do you use MMT products in treatments at your spa? 
I use MMT in all of my Eco-Facials. I love including MMT in the cleansing process which starts with a detoxing facial massage with the MMT Make Up Remover / Cleansing Oil and then I follow that with another cleanse with the MMT Face Cleanser for a deeper clean. Throughout the whole facial, I tone with the MMT toner and I do the facial massage and hair/scalp scratch massage with the MMT Face Oil
I sell a large variety of MMT products in my green beauty boutique and have all of my clients using the MMT deodorant. The MMT deodorant is the best!

What is one skincare tip you would give to all of your customers (and ours!)? 
If you want gorgeous skin that ages beautifully, please keep your skincare routine simple (cleanse, tone, exfoliate, moisturize) and use small batch, clean products for the best results. If you can, find an esthetician in your area that works with green beauty products and work with them to get you on the right track. Beautiful, healthy skin is worth the investment!

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