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Gathering No. 4 💅Beauty Leftovers Swap 💅

Earlier this year, I cleaned out my bathroom cabinet for the first time in FIVE YEARS. (Help.) It was so cathartic, because I was able to dig out all the stuff I never used or was gifted or used once and then forgot about. I realized two things: 1) that I really only use about four items in my personal care routine; and 2) that I needed to throw a beauty leftovers swap to responsibly get rid of all of this perfectly good just not-for-me stuff.

We’re not trying to shame anyone here—I am as guilty as they come—but personal care products are a $95 billion industry, and according to National Geographic “the amount of plastic packaging on U.S. products (not just on personal care items) has increased by over 120 times since 1960—with almost 70 percent of that waste piling up in landfills.” (Yikes.)

So instead of putting all that crap (ahem product) directly into the landfill, find someone who will actually use it first, and then encourage them to Terracycle (or regular recycle) the packaging once its empty. 

What You’ll Need

A spare afternoon to clear out your cabinets
A couple of shoeboxes or other bins
Paper for making labels


Glam it up before you go-oh. Put on the makeup you think you’ll never use, and make this party a last-hoorah for your old beauty products. Then, put on some glam rock, gather your friends, and make fancy, preferably pink, cocktails. 

How To

  1. Organize your old products into categories and label bins to contain them: eyeliner, blush, lipstick, shampoo.
  2. Have your friends put everything they’re swapping into the bins.
  3. Now, swap!

Our Gift to You

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