How to Host A Card Making Party

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Gathering No. 6 ✍️Card Making Party ✍️

Card writing is so lovely and cozy, but when was the last time you actually made time to do it? This party is our way of carving out special time for writing and spending time with your loved ones. We enlisted our sweet friend Carissa to help us with a few cards and supplies (socks that remind you not to rush!), so you can give yourself time for this lovely project. You can also use the occasion to write to your representatives!

What You’ll Need

Paper, pencils, pens, or markers
Postage stamps (optional)
Random art supplies (optional)


If you have a hearth, that’s reeeeeeaaaaaal nice. If you don’t (who does?), no matter! Make one. A hearth is a focal point and that’s what we want this party to have. Set up some candles in a grouping, arrange your supplies on a big table, put blankets on chairs, and dim the lights. Mull some darn wine, or make a batch of sparkling shrub. Music is Nordic folk, or something less… gloomy. Baskets of yarn and knitting needles for your multi-talented friends would not be unwelcome here. Snacks that aren’t sticky—popcorn, clementines, nuts—would be aces.

How To

  1. Ahead of time, ask your friends to make lists of people (with addresses) they want to send holiday cards to. If you’re feeling generous, you can print these ahead of time for each friend.
  2. Arrange writing supplies at place settings or at a big table. Make sure there are plenty of cozy socks and blankets to go around.
  3. Provide stamps and encourage everyone to pop their finished letters into your mailbox when they’re done.
  4. If you want to encourage making cards from scratch, you can put out a bunch of art supplies—stamps and ink, colored paper, gold pens, glue, a typewriter—and let everyone go to town.
  5. Read a few authors’ letters out loud to get everyone in the mood.

Our Gift to You

We’re giving away twelve cards and three pairs of socks from People I’ve Loved, as well as a trio of handmade soaps to one lucky Card Making Party host. Enter The Card Making Giveaway here.
**Giveaway closes 12/21 at 11:59PM. Sorry, no late entries.**