How To Host A Climate Anxiety Release Party

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Gathering No. 3 💀Climate Anxiety Release Party 💀

Stressing about the planet? Same here. Our Climate Anxiety Release Party has two goals:

(1) Gather friends to brainstorm ways to take action.
(2) Find a minute to release stress and soothe yourself so you can be prepared to take more action for the planet!

Maybe this is the most un-holiday party you’ve ever been to.
This is like a let’s-get-real-the-planet-is-dying party, a who-could-think-about-santa-when-the-house-is-burning party. We can make this festive, though. Truly, we can.

What You’ll Need

Lots of blankets, pillows, cozy socks
A list of organizations to volunteer at / donate to (scroll to the bottom of this page for a start)


An anxiety release party is all about getting super comfortable and leaning on your friends to help you calm the eff down. Hold it in a living room or bedroom. Put pillows and blankets on the floor. Put out a basket of cozy socks, so your friends can make themselves at home. Light candles or an essential-oil diffuser if you have one. Got one of those pink salt lamps? Now is its moment. Set out a bunch of herbal teas and something decadent, like Cashew-Butter Miso Cookies.

How To

  1. Make everyone comfy with cookies and tea and socks and blankets.
  2. Ask everyone to identify: how they feel helpless, and how they feel helpful.
  3. Make a list together of inspiring climate leaders and organizations to share after the party.
  4. Consider asking your friends to pop a donation of any amount into a bowl. Together, you can decide which environmental organization to give the money to at the end of the party.

Our Gift to You

We’re giving away two adaptogen + CBD tinctures from the amazing Prismatic Plants ($135 value). The tinctures are designed to reduce stress and help your body heal. We’re throwing in a few of our top plastic-free beauty swaps too: Shampoo Bar, Conditioner Bar, and Lip Balm. They all come in paper tubes that biodegrade in one year. Enter The Climate Anxiety Release Giveaway here.
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