How To Host A Plant Swap

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Gathering No. 1 🌱The Plant Swap 🌱

Chances are you are surrounded by free gifts right this very moment.

Do you have a hanging spider plant? a little succulent? an out-of-control hanging ivy? If you do, you have a whole bounty of gifts waiting to be shared that will cost you exactly zero dollars. The Plant Swap is one of our favorites, because it’s so low-key, so beautiful, and so darn fun. And new plants just have this way of making people happier—have you noticed?

What You’ll Need

Potting soil or dirt
Vessels (actual pots, or old milk or egg cartons for plant transport)
Burlap (or any cloth for tying up little plant cuttings as gifts)
String (for tying little burlap plant-cutting satchels)
A large table for making cuttings
Scissors or garden shears


Grab some leaves, some evergreen cuttings, some dried milkweed, money plant, or eucalyptus, plain old sticks, and decorate the table where you will be hosting The Plant Swap. Put on some tunes. Light a few candles. If you have string lights, you could intertwine these with the flora that you’re strewing about. Make matcha, or hot apple cider. Heap a bunch of clementines on the table for snacks.

How To

1. Collect a few plants that can be easily propagated. We like Apartment Therapy’s How to Propagate Plants guide.
2. Arrange some vessels, water, potting soil, and knives or garden shears at your table, so everyone can go to town.
3. Everyone gets their cuttings ready and lays them out on the table.
4. Now, swap!

Our Gift to You

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