How to Host A Sweets & Cookies Swap

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Gathering No. 5 🍫Sweets & Cookies Swap 🍫

This is a holiday classic. Bring your friends together to swap sweets, and everyone gets to go home with a broader assortment of cookies than they would have been able to make on their own. Counter to what some food editors have to say, it might be possible to do this in a way that is not a blood sport. Maybe?

What You’ll Need

A handful of favorite recipes to make during the swap
Snacks and treats for the swappers / bakers
Paper boxes, reusable tins, or other reusable food storage to carry cookies home
Ribbon or kitchen twine to tie cookie boxes
Parchment paper


Keep it classic with some old Christmas tunes and something heartwarming to sip, like vegan hot chocolate with a candy cane stuck into it. We also like to set out fruit and savory snacks, to counter all the sweets you will inevitably consume. Set a large table with cake stands, boards, and plates, so people can arrange their sweets to be adored and swapped. Wear your ugliest Christmas (or cat) sweater, or if you’re brave, a union suit.

How To

  1. Ask your friends to email you the recipe for the cookies or sweets they plan to bring ahead of time. If you have duplicates, you can suggest alternate recipes.
  2. Select one or two recipes to make as a group. This is fun, if not chaotic (!), and it works best with something like cut-out cookies that everyone can participate in.
  3. Set out boxes or tins, along with twine and parchment paper, so folks can make cookie boxes to take home.
  4. Now, swap!

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