How to Party by Your Sweet Self

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Gathering No. 7 😻Introvert Party — Party by Your (Sweet) Self 😻

ME TIME. I have no idea what this even means anymore (I have a toddler). But the truth is, I find it hard to party by myself, even when I do have the time. There is always something that needs to be... done. Or maybe there isn’t? Maybe all I need is a calendar alert and a solid hour in which my only job is to party by myself? The holidays can be overwhelmingly stressful, and if you’re an introvert, what you crave more than anything else (even if you really like other people) is solitary time to regain your composure; to remember who you are when you are alone.

Who are you? Is there someone inside of you that you miss? Let’s get reacquainted.

What You’ll Need

Thirty minutes of prep to decide how you’re going to spend your time
One hour of uninterrupted time


You’ll need to paint the picture here. Is it a warm bath that you crave? A long walk? A tall, stiff drink? Loud music? Soft music? Picture something that makes you happy. Then, make that happen for yourself. (This is much harder than it sounds, but thanks for trying.)

How To

One instruction is all you need: Take time for yourself. Truly. With no lists or
“shoulds” or guilt. You can read that as an order if it helps you get there.

Our Gift to You

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