Ingredient Focus

May 30, 2017

There are a few ingredients that are featured in several of our products that are great for nourishing and healing your skin. Let's look at four different ingredients, where they're sourced, and how they work to heal your skin.

Certified Organic Jojoba Oil

Source: Argentina and Panama

Found In: Face Cleanser and Spot Serum

Jojoba oil is a handy oil that you can use on your skin, hair, and body. It has emollient properties, which means it creates a layer of moisture and protection for your skin. Jojoba oil also has properties similar to the natural oils of our skin, which makes it great for oilier or acne prone skin. It will help to balance oil production, which can keep acne at bay.

Certified Organic Rose

Source: Bulgaria

Found In: Pink Rose Clay Facial Soap and Face Toner

Wonderful for dry or sensitive skin, rose is a calming, soothing ingredient. Rosewater helps maintain your skin's natural pH, which keeps things balanced. It also is anti-inflammatory, which is why it's great for people with sensitive skin. It's also got lots of antioxidants which helps with cell regeneration, making your skin look refreshed and revived.

Fair Trade Shea Butter

Source: Ghana

Found In: Face + Body Cream and Deodorant Stick

Shea butter is one of my long time favourite ingredients. Incredibly moisturizing, this nourishing butter is perfect from head to toe. While I use our Repair Balm during the day, I use plain Shea butter every night as a hand and foot cream to really moisturize my skin. We've already written a whole blog post about shea butter's benefits, which you can read here.

Fair Trade Coconut Oil

Source: Philippines

Found In: Makeup Remover and Cleansing Oil and Liquid Soap

Coconut oil is one of the trendiest personal care ingredients, and for good reason. Like a lot of these ingredients, it's incredibly versatile. You can use as a moisturizer, shaving cream, face cream, and hair oil. Coconut oil's saturated fats not only moisturize your skin, but they help your skin retain that moisture. It has other fatty acids that have antimicrobial properties which protects your skin. Coconut oil also has lots of natural vitamin e which is wonderful for repairing and protecting your skin.  

Sarah Price is a green beauty and self care writer with an obsession with holistic skincare. She writes about natural beauty, DIY recipes, self care tips, and more on her self titled blog.

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