Cheat Sheet | Our Super Easy, Super Thoughtful Gift Guide

When December rolls around, things get hectic. We feel pressure to decorate, go to all the parties, and find the perfect gift for everyone on our list. But what if we took a step back, and started to rethink the holidays? What if we prioritized spending quality time with our favourite people? What if we prioritized selecting thoughtful, sustainable gifts, instead of the latest toys?

While we all figure out how we can build more joy and less anxiety into our holidays, here are a few sustainable gift ideas to get you started.

If you want to help your people reduce waste, start with a beautiful, reusable coffee cup or water bottle. It’s something they definitely need, and it’ll make their commute more enjoyable and sustainable.

There are lots of options - for a water bottle, you can go for any bottle, but S’well or BKR bottles are popular for their simple design and earth friendly materials. And for coffee, go for a glass Joco Cup, or a chic, bamboo Ecoffee Cup.

If they shave, a stainless steel safety razor is such a thoughtful gift. This razor will look beautiful in their bathroom, it will last their entire life, and it’s much more affordable in the long term than the conventional plastic razors. Just don’t forget the blades and a nourishing shaving soap!

Another unique, sustainable gift is charcoal water filters. This is a simple, zero waste solution to conventional water filters. Bonus: It’s something everyone needs, and it looks pretty cool in a jug of water!

photo by Hello Glow

Remind them to take care of themselves with some handmade self care treatments!

If they’re a shower person, make these simple, wonderfully scented aromatherapy shower steamer tablets. And if they’re a bath person, whip up some all natural bath bombs!

Or infuse their skincare rituals with these chocolatey beauty bliss balls. Made with oats, cacao powder, and coconut oil, this could be their new favourite skin treatment!

And if you know what kind of scents they like, make them a body oil spray! Using just a few ingredients, like olive oil and essential oils, they’ll be on their way to soft, smooth skin in no time.

Made with herbs and flowers, a unique, plant based gift is to make a set of smudge sticks. These homemade sticks will help your person clear away negative energy while grounding themselves and bringing a sense of peace into their space.

We love the idea of gifting experiences. They’re a great way to gift fun times, without gifting ‘stuff’ we don’t need.

You can gift spa treatments (that’s always a go to of mine!), or tickets to sporting events, concerts, or festivals.

Another amazing ‘experience’ is to make a charitable donation in your loved one’s name. This is especially great if they have a charity or organization close to their heart.

We all have unique skills we can harness to create truly thoughtful gifts. You could knit something cozy, bake a plate of your famous treats, or write a sweet poem.

Think about your hobbies, what you’re good at, and how you can use those skills to create something your people would use and love!

Because sometimes, the simplest gifts are the best gifts. If your people like plants, treat them to a cute house plant or two. If they have a yard, gift flower or vegetable seeds they can plant in the Spring.

And if they’re a bookworm, be on the lookout for a book they’d enjoy - maybe some poems, something to inspire, or a good mystery they can dive into.

Sarah Price is a green beauty and self care writer with an obsession with holistic skincare. She writes about natural beauty, DIY recipes, self care tips, and more on her self titled blog.