Gathering Is Greater Than Gifts

Seven Strategies For Buying Less And Gathering Your People More

This time of year, we are all getting marketed to the moon—companies push new products, flash sales, holiday bundles, and gift guides up the wazoo (we’ve done it, too). It seems as if everywhere you turn, someone is making a bid for your money with a splashy advertisement or a festive shop window. But is buying stuff what the holidays are really about?

In our Guide to Slow Living last month, we wondered whether the holidays could be about slowing down, unplugging, and enjoying time with loved ones instead. But this can be difficult to practice when the capitalist system we live under is invested in getting us to spend as much money as possible, and CEOs are just getting richer (and not paying federal income tax, whomp whomp).

If you’re shopping at all this year (and kudos to you if you’re not), please consider supporting values-driven, small businesses. But also, know that conscious consumption alone will not fix the problems we face (it’s still consumption, you know?).

What we really want in our stockings this year is environmental and social justice—not more stuff.

We are a for-profit business, yes, but this year we are rejecting the capitalist idea that buying things is the most important aspect of the holidays. Instead, we are focusing on getting together and basking in the warm glow that comes from spending time (not money) with our loved ones.

We’ll be giving away a few surprises for you to enjoy yourself or to share with your friends, so you can spend less money this year and focus on your people. Seriously.

We’re calling this project Gathering > Gifts. And we’ve enlisted several awesome companies to join us in this endeavor: State the Label, People I’ve Loved, Prismatic Plants, Marley’s Monsters, and Lagusta’s Luscious.

Throughout December, we’ll post seven different guides for getting together in a way that is low-waste, planet-friendly, and that can help you create meaningful experiences with your chosen family. Because deepening community ties and connecting to each other in a non-consumerist manner is a great way to heal ourselves and the planet.

We hope you’ll join us for these seven gatherings. We’d love to see you and give you a virtual hug! Hugs are super low-waste btw.

Gathering No. 1 🌱The Plant Swap 🌱
Gathering No. 2 👕The Clothing Swap👕
Gathering No. 3 💀Climate Anxiety Release Party 💀
Gathering No. 4 💅Beauty Leftovers Swap 💅
Gathering No. 5 🍫Sweets & Cookie Swap 🍫
Gathering No. 6 ✍️Card Making Party ✍️
Gathering No. 7 😻Introvert Party — Party by Your (Sweet) Self 😻

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p.p.s. Our Plastic-Free Gift Guide is the lesser of all gift guide evils. Ha!