Outdoor Cat | Let’s Talk About Sex, Baby!

Sex is a part of life - it’s one way that we experience intimacy with ourselves and other people. When it comes to sex and embracing our sexuality, though, there is still a lot of shame and stigma out there.

Here at Meow Meow Tweet we celebrate consensual sex and other forms of enjoying pleasure, either solo or with other people! We do not support telling people how they can and cannot enjoy sexual activity or shaming people for the way they express their own sexuality. So let’s talk about sex, baby. Let’s talk about sex to break the taboos, and instead view this topic through a lens of consent, acceptance, and of course, pleasure.


Sex positivity is a movement (built upon and alongside feminist, queer, and equality movements) positing the idea that all sex, as long as it’s explicitly consensual, is a positive thing. However you express your desires and make choices around your body are valid. 

This may sound like a no-brainer, but with so many societal expectations around sexuality and gender, practicing sex positivity can be difficult work. Sex positivity asks us not only to embrace our own sexuality in a healthy way, but also to view ourselves and others as individuals with individual needs, desires, and priorities. And respecting that.


Just as we believe sex should be consensual and pleasurable, we also believe in keeping it natural. The same standards that we uphold in our skincare products also apply to the products we use for our extra-curricular activities. Natural ingredients that support our health instead of potentially harmful synthetics are ideal, especially considering that our genitals are more sensitive and tend to absorb ingredients more readily than the rest of our skin. 

Most popular mainstream lubricants contain questionable ingredients including parabens, petroleum, propylene glycol, polyethylene glycol, and fragrance (for a more in depth look at common ingredients found in personal lubricants, read this). We wouldn’t put that crap on any part of our bodies, let alone our precious nether regions! 

For asexual folks, natural products are also important. Natural ingredients are great for sex and for self-love, be it through masturbation, massage, or moisturizing.


Before we jump right in with our sexiest natural product recommendations, we want to remind you of a few important things! For folks who use condoms, be sure to stick to the water based options below, as oil-based products can degrade latex. You can also use non-latex condoms to avoid this issue. Additionally, people who are sensitive to yeast infections may want to steer clear of any products containing vegetable glycerin, as it can contribute to yeast growth. Ok, now for the good stuff!

COCONUT OIL - This sweet, slippery oil smells great and is made from just one, whole, pure ingredient. It’s great as lube, moisturizer, or massage oil.

ALOE VERA GEL - Another sweet smelling, slippery substance that comes directly from the plant! Here’s a hot tip: Keep your aloe in the fridge for added pizzazz ;)

SKIN CREAM - From the top of your head to the tips of your toes, our Skin Cream is great for your whole body, and yes, we do mean everywhere. Packed with plant oils, our Skin Cream not only lubricates but moisturizes, too! 

GOOD CLEAN LOVE - This water based lube is vegan and free from questionable chemical ingredients. They even have an unscented version available for those with particularly sensitive skin.

SYLK - This is one of the most popular water-based, 100% natural lubricants on the market. It contains kiwi fruit plant extract for natural slipping and sliding.

ALOE CADABRA - This lubricant is made mostly from aloe vera gel, making it naturally nice and slippery. They also make a variety of fruity flavors for some extra fun!

MAUDE - Sex products for the design-oriented. Maude makes their Shine water-based lube from 100% natural ingredients that comes in an easy to use pump bottle, and their Rise condoms are made from only three ingredients.

SUSTAIN NATURALS - A one-stop shop for lubricant and condoms, this company uses natural ingredients that are free from parabens and petroleum and that are as friendly to the Earth as possible. 

QUIM - A contemporary line of products for vaginal health that includes an “eye cream for down there,” an oil-based nighttime lubricant, and a water-based daytime lubricant. All three of their products include hemp or cannabis to increase blood flow for better lubrication and sensation ;)

FORIA - Cannabis for your genitals! Foria Awaken is an oil-based lubricant designed to increase sensation and help people who experience pain during playtime. Their Basics Suppositories are made with CBD to help relieve menstrual pain, relax tension, and help with inflammation - and they’re designed to be used either vaginally or rectally.

THE HONEY POT - This panty spray is handy for eliminating odors from sweat and keeping your nether regions feeling fresh all day. It’s made from lavender essential oils, aloe vera, and mineral salts so it is effective but gentle for sensitive skin.

GAIA BIODEGRADABLE VIBRATORS - Where most vibrators are made from plastics or silicone, the Gaia vibes are made from biodegradable materials that will breakdown within 90 days in an industrial composting facility (not your backyard). 

CELEBRITY LEZBIAN FIST - This toy is too good to pass up! Made from silicone that is safe for use and easily cleaned, these fists have been cast from the actual hands of famed queer cultural icons including Phranc and Cheryl Dunye.

69 HERBS CUM OVER TINCTURE - An ingestible tincture that enhances your playtime, made completely from plant extracts.

A WITCH'S GUIDE TO INTIMACY, SEX POSITIVITY, AND HERBAL APHRODISIACS ZINE - This zine is aimed at not only helping you embrace and express your sexual needs, but also helps you do so with the help of a few fabulous plants. And we love that it can be useful for anyone!