OUTDOOR CAT | The Right to a Future: Climate Strike 2019

Meow Meow Tweet Climate Strike

On September 20, three days before the UN Climate Summit in NY, people of all ages will strike around the world to demand climate action. 

We’re closing our business on that day and our website will go dark. We’re closing in solidarity with millions for the right to a future. 


The Amazon is burning, sea levels are rising, July 2019 was the hottest month in recorded history. Why? Humans. 

Blame the oil lobby, blame greed, blame politicians. The strike is a chance for each of us to take action as a collective society. 

By walking out of workplaces and schools, we can slow the economy to a halt and politicians will listen. 


We want a future for nature, animals, seasons, our kids. Closing for a day means loss of income and profit for our business, and an inconvenience to our customers and wholesale partners, but we feel called to use our small platform to amplify this amazing global action. 

We also know how lucky we are that we can close for a day and still be able to eat the next day.

Since we have that privilege, we think it’s our responsibility to use it for good.


This strike is special because it is youth-led. It’s their future we’re messing with, after all.

Fifteen-year-old Greta Thunberg skipped school on Fridays to strike outside the Swedish Parliament. At the School Strike for Climate earlier this year, thousands of young people protested gross political inaction by leaving their desks en masse. Why should the kids stay in class when the future looks so grim?

This protest is for everyone, but the youth movement is on fire: Zero Hour, Earth Uprising, Earth Guardians, Fridays For Future USA, Sunrise Movement, US Youth Climate Strike, and Extinction Rebellion Youth


Everything you need to know is at There are thousands of strikes already planned, but you can also host your own

  • Walk Out of Work or School

    • The idea is to disrupt the economy and SLOW THINGS DOWN to demonstrate the power we have together.
    • If you’re nervous about this, here are a couple of suggestions:
      • Talk to your boss or your school’s administration. Be honest about your desire to join the strike and get their feedback. You never know, they might actually want to strike with you.
      • Since this strike is on a Friday, you can suggest that your workplace close a little early. 
      • Call in sick. 
      • Attend a rally after work or school. 
  • Check Your Privilege 

    • Walking out of work is a privilege (and typically reserved for those with means and things like “sick days”). If you’re not in that position and you can’t afford to walk away from your job (or you are legally prevented from doing so because you provide vital services), share the message on social media, talk to people in your community, get informed



Written by Faye Lessler a California-born, Brooklyn-based freelance writer and founder of lifestyle blog, Sustaining Lifeand Vera Kachouh, marketing strategist and writer at Meow Meow Tweet.