Why You Should Surround Yourself with Houseplants

Why You Should Surround Yourself with Houseplants

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I think surrounding yourself with plants and starting to garden can make you a healthier, happier person. 

As a kid I was always outside enjoying the dirt and sunshine. As an adult I always feel the most grounded and content when I'm able to spend lots of time outdoors, preferably barefoot and with lots of sunshine.

Though I live in the city I fill our apartment with plants and flowers to be surrounded by nature as much as possible. I think surrounding yourself with plants and starting to garden can make you a healthier, happier person.


One of the main reasons I started collecting plants was to improve the air quality in our city apartment. NASA conducted a study to determine how effective plants are at purifying the air and they found that low levels of chemicals can be removed from the air from the leaves of plants, with some plants being more effective than others. (Read More)

Plants that are most effective include the Spider plant, Peace Lily, Bamboo, among others.


The Texas A&M University studied some health benefits of plants and found that plants improve concentration and memory, performance, and energy levels. They also found that children learned better when surrounded by plants. So keeping a plant on your desk could not only help you breathe better, but learn better too. (Read More)


Maybe it's part of having cleaner air and better energy levels, but plants can reduce stress levels, improve quality of life and the healing process, and improve your outlook on life. While they won't cure depression, every little positive step can add up to real change. I also know that my mental health is always improved when I'm in an environment that looks nice, and plants are one of the easiest ways to brighten up a room.


If you want to take the benefits beyond just having plants, you can take up gardening. From a small herb garden on your balcony to tending for your yard, gardening is a healthy form of gentle exercise that not only gets you moving and outside (say hello to that much needed vitamin D) but gardening is also really therapeutic. Even if it's just repotting, trimming, and watering your houseplants, getting your hands dirty and caring for your plants can be a healthy activity.

Sarah Price is a green beauty and self care writer with an obsession with holistic skincare. She writes about natural beauty, DIY recipes, self care tips, and more on her self titled blog.

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