A bamboo toothbrush that stands up on its own

The least codependent toothbrush you’ll ever meet. Mable toothbrushes are made from compostable bamboo and can stand up all by themselves. They’re crafted from sustainably harvested bamboo, which is naturally antibacterial and water resistant, with veggie-based paints for a teensy bit of color to distinguish whose is whose on the sink. They’re our favorite toothbrushes for the whole family, full stop.

Available in adult and kid sizes, colors vary



Sustainably harvested bamboo, vegetable-based paint, nontoxic and BPA-free Nylon® bristles

how to

Brush twice a day with toothpaste, like this one.

the breakdown

Paper box: recycle or save and reuse for travel storage

Toothbrush: compost 


Mable bamboo toothbrushes are naturally antibacterial and water resistant.