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Saves trash 🗑 — we take bulk containers back (free!)
Saves money 💸 — bulk products are 15% cheaper per ounce
Ships free — bulk products always ship free of charge


It costs 15% less
It ships for FREE
We cover shipping on your bulk container returns
It’s NOT single-use or disposable
We ship via USPS so it comes with your mail, which is using those carbon emissions anyway (versus making new ones)
It keeps packaging out of the waste stream forever (even recycling uses energy)


Q: Tell me more about bulk.
A: If you know you love a product, bulk is a great way to save money and produce less waste. Bulk products cost 15% less per ounce and ships for free. We take back all empty bulk packaging and then sterilize and reuse them—keeping that packaging out of the waste stream indefinitely.

Q: Do you offer returns on bulk products?
A: Sorry, no! Please make sure that you have tried a mini or full size of the product you intend to buy in bulk, before you make an investment in the larger size. Since our products are crafted by hand and made by a small-but-mighty team, we can’t accept returns of products. If you’re new here, try a mini to see if you love a product before committing.

Q: Where can I find my bulk product?
A: Go to the product you want to buy on our website → click the dropdown menu → select the bulk option. Voila!


Q: Can I send back other containers besides bulk?
A: We only take back bulk containers right now, but we may expand this soon. Stay tuned. You can send back your plastic pumps for Terracycling. Bulk containers are the only items where we will take back the whole darn package.


Q: I have a question not covered here. Who can I talk to?
A: Please send us an email at hello@meowmeowtweet.com and put “bulk program” in the email subject line.


Q: How do I send you back my empty bulk container?
A: Scroll down a bit for the link. Returns of empty bulk containers are always free, please disregard the “refund” comment that the system auto-generates (there’s no refund for returning your empty).