Return, Reuse. We’ve got a new program so that you can return your MMT BULK UP! refill containers and we'll sterilize and reuse them! It’s simple.

Wash your empty container with soap and water, dry it, pack it up, and fill out your info at the link below. A return label, which must be used within 24 hours, will be emailed to you. Pack lightly, please!

You may also use this program for any plastic parts that are present in our packaging. We ask only that you return two or more items at a time to reduce our carbon footprint. We will Terracycle these items for you!


there are no refunds for returning your empties, just the heartwarming feeling of keeping another item out of landfill. disregard the "refund" comment on the following page, we're using a pre-made program that makes sending back your containers easy as pie.

we do not yet have the capabilities to sterilize any containers that are not in our bulk program. we're working on it.

if you purchased through one of our retailers, the return label program linked above won't work. email us at hello@meowmeowtweet.com and we'll let you know how to return.