Our three favorite essential oils for your very own DIY.

Lavender! Eucalyptus! Bergamot! Turn your unscented deo or skin cream into a scent of your own creation with our flight of essential oils. Three certified organic oils sourced from Eden Botanicals, our favorite oil supplier.

Three 5 ml glass bottles



Bergamot (FCF)*

*certified organic

how to

To scent your unscented deodorant or skin cream:

1. Scoop the entire contents of jar into a bowl
2. Add 10-20 drops total of your favorite essential oil or our aromatherapy blends
3. Mash the cream up with a fork or the back of a spoon so the essential oil is mixed in thoroughly
4. Scoop back into your jar and enjoy!

When scenting your own product, less is more. Do not use more than 15 drops of essential oil per ounce (6 tsp) of base product.

the breakdown

Glass Bottle: recycle or reuse
Plastic Cap: recycle or reuse
Paper Tag: compost or recycle
Organic Cotton Bag: repurpose (soap traveler!) or compost


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Bergamot (FCF)