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Get To Know Body Oil

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I’m going to lay down a few facts right here: (1) dry skin is uncomfortable; (2) most skin types (even oily!) can benefit from oil of some kind; (3) a complete moisturizer is a combo of water and oil.

Most people hear “oil” and think “grease.” But before you call the grease police, you really must meet our Lavender Geranium Body Oil—a lightweight, quick-absorbing oil packed with do-good nutrition for your skin.

Here are five reasons why it’s our *only* body oil.

Quality Oils

Sunflower, hemp, jojoba, coconut—the plant fats in our Body Oil are high in linoleic acid, an essential fatty acid which contributes to the overall balance of your skin’s sebum, the natural oils produced by skin. Balanced sebum = happy skin. Even skin that is oily benefits from the right oils to avoid oil overproduction and sebum that is sticky and clogging (especially on the face). Our plant fats are chosen to deliver comforting moisture to the skin, while assisting your skin’s natural ability to recover, regenerate, replenish, and protect itself.


Our Body Oil is a true head-to-toe moisturizer. You can put it on your face, all over your body, and on your hair. Yes, it is a bit richer than our facial oils, so faces that are extra dry would be most suited for this particular oil. We love to apply it on our hair after moisturizing our whole body. Once hands have released most of the oil onto the body, just rub what’s left into your locks, focusing on the ends, scrunch-scrunch those curls. Give it a toss, you’re styling! You smell and look great.

You Add the Water

A complete moisturizer is one that mixes both water AND fat. This is why we recommend applying toner before using face oil, for example. However, you want to know something cool? You have water in your shower! We don’t need to ship it to you to give you the benefits of making your moisture *complete*. We just need to let you in on a little trick:

Keep your body slightly damp from the shower before applying Body Oil. The oil will soak in more easily, and you’ll have, errr, “completed” the process. Not sending you water also means that we can save CO2 during shipment (water is heavy).

I like to shower, dry off a little, apply body oil everywhere, then dab around with my towel to feel dry and ready to apply clothes with no risk of oil staining.


Lavender, geranium, palmarosa. You know we like multi-use product, and when we think about multiple uses, we are also thinking about your noses and the effect that a product will have on your total wellbeing. Our blend of essential oils in our Body Oil is formulated to calm and ground the nervous system, while lavender essential oil also helps with eczema or skin irritation. Geranium and palmarosa also have aromatherapeutic benefits for those suffering from anxiety and depression. They balance your psyche and your skin, simultaneously. We hope that you can exit the shower and start your day feeling the capacity and strength that resides within.


You don’t have to throw a zillion tiny plastic bottles into the recycling bin only to hope (so much hope!) that they will actually get recycled. (They probably won’t. I’m sorry, it’s awful.) Instead, you can continue to refill your one Body Oil by purchasing the Bulk option when it’s time to reorder. This could mean a lifetime of moisturizing and only one plastic pump made in the process (the rest is metal). That is as sweet as you are, if I do say so.

Moisturizing is a comforting and healing moment, for you and only you. Clean your body. Rub yourself all over. Think about the touch of your hands on your warm skin. It can be so beautiful to reframe beauty as a love of self, don’t you think?

Written By Vera Kachouh


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