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Welcome to Our Bulk Aisle

Bulk keeps packaging out of the waste stream and costs less per ounce.

Why Buy Bulk?


We take back and reuse empty bulk containers


Bulk items cost 15-25% less per ounce


When you spend $50 or more

Tell me more about bulk.

If you know you love a product, bulk is a great way to save money and produce less waste. Bulk products cost 15-25% less per ounce and ships for free when you spend $50 or more. We take back all empty bulk packaging and then sterilize and reuse them—keeping that packaging out of the waste stream indefinitely.

Do you offer returns on bulk products?

Sorry, no! Please make sure that you have tried a mini or full size of the product you intend to buy in bulk before you make an investment in the larger size. Since our products are crafted by hand and made by a small-but-mighty team, we can’t accept returns of bulk products. If you’re new here, try a mini to see if you love a product before committing.

Where can I find my bulk product?

Go to the product you want to buy on our website → select the colorful bulk option. Voila!

How do I return my empty bulk containers?

Please fill out the form below. We process empty returns once per week, so please allow up to 7 business days to receive a return label to the original email you placed the order under.


Can I send back other containers besides bulk?

We only take back bulk containers right now.



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