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Legacy of Plants

An ecosystem of effective skin care starts with plants. We discuss their uses, their environmental viability, and their indigenous histories.


An anti-inflammatory resin that heals and tones skin while improving elasticity.

Our frankincense resin is harvested responsibly by three cooperatives in the Sanaag Region of Somalia. The coops extract the resin in a way that preserves the near-extinct Boswellia trees that naturally produce it.


An antiseptic and antibacterial berry that treats acne and balances oil

Our juniper oil is distilled from organic juniper berries grown in Bulgaria. Juniper has been used for centuries to aid digestion (Cheyenne & Algonquin) and stimulate circulation (Traditional Chinese Medicine). Its existence on Earth dates to the Triassic period, 250 million years ago.


A calming plant oil that balances facial oil and tones the skin

Our geranium oil is distilled from the leaves and flowers of organic geranium grown in Egypt. Geranium and other plants from the pelargonium family are drought-resistant and use only minimal water to thrive and blossom.


An antibacterial tree oil useful for cleansing and clearing acne-prone skin

Our blue gum, organic eucalyptus is responsibly sourced from Portugal. Eucalyptus is an invasive plant species outside of Australia and Tasmania. Without indigenous practices such as controlled burns, eucalyptus trees grow at an unsustainable pace, contributing to wildfire risk and rapidly displacing native plant species.


An antioxidant flower hydrosol that heals, hydrates, and reduces redness

Our organic damask rose hydrosol comes from a 100-year-old grower in Bulgaria, where the rose petals are plucked and processed with care every spring. Wild roses are native to the Northern Hemisphere. Their leaves, branches, and petals provide food and shelter to vital pollinator insects.


A soothing oil from the patchouli plant that comforts irritated skin, aids elasticity, and balances oil 

Our organic patchouli oil is sourced from India. The flowering patchouli plant thrives in heat, humidity, and shade. It is native to islands in Southeast Asia that are currently threatened by the climate crisis and rising sea levels.


An antioxidant and fatty-acid-rich oil that moisturizes and repairs dry skin

Our organic, unrefined olive oil is cold-pressed in Italy.With gnarled trunks and deep, drought-resistant roots, olive trees embody resilience.⁠ They’re ideal for creating regenerative food forests that can sequester and store carbon for years, making them vital for preserving the environment.

Witch Hazel

An astringent with anti-inflammatory properties that soothe and tighten pores

Long before the FDA discovered that witch hazel has tannins that can stem bleeding and reduce inflammation, indigenous peoples were using witch hazel medicinally and ceremonially. Our witch hazel is alcohol-free and distilled from plants grown in the United States.


An antioxidant and emollient butter that preserves skin’s moisture while fighting free radicals

Our cocoa butter and oil is organic and fair-trade. It is ethically produced in Peru. Conflict-free cacao is rare. Most cacao production occurs in West Africa under harsh conditions for humans and the Earth. Global mass chocolate markets clamoring for cacao are complicit in child slavery, dangerous working conditions, and deforestation, with 4.5 million tons of cacao beans ordered for production each year. As a result, there is a very real possibility that cacao trees may go extinct in our lifetimes.


An antioxidant and anti-inflammatory plant that protects skin from pollution while brightening and improving skin’s texture

Matcha is much more than a “superfood.” It’s a traditional ingredient core to Japanese culture and tea ceremony in particular. Matcha preparation is practiced as a form of meditation—a mindfulness ritual that fosters respect and care.


An anti-inflammatory and antioxidant tree nut oil with emollient properties; it calms itchy skin and nourishes with vitamins A and E

Our organic, fair-trade shea butter is produced in Burkina Faso. The producer we partner with is a member of the Global Shea Alliance and ensures that the Burkinabe women who harvest and process the butter have the means to do so sustainably. Shea trees are a vital source of economic and food security for generations of East and West Africans, with a supply chain comprising more than 16 million rural women today.


A shrub-derived wax that is balancing, deeply conditioning, and mirrors our skin’s natural sebum

⁠Our organic, unrefined jojoba oil is pressed in Peru by a 40-year-old producer.Jojoba shrubs are well adapted to high-temperature conditions. The tips of their silvery-gray leaves point straight up at the sky, which reduces sun exposure during the hottest time of day. They grow long taproots that can penetrate as deep as 40 feet, drawing water from the depths and reducing soil erosion. Jojobas are drought resistant, slow-growing, and can live for hundreds of years.


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