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Regeneration for a new generation.

Our job is to make it easier for you to reduce waste and buy ethically.

Our Packaging

Your deodorant stick shouldn’t outlive you.

✔ 100% backyard compostable deodorant sticks & lip balms (ours were the first!)
✔ Aluminum bottles (the most likely to be recycled material, and lightweight to reduce carbon shipping footprint) and glass
✔ Anything we make with a plastic cap can be refilled, so your one pump lasts a lifetime
✔ Soap boxes are compostable, FSC-certified and post-consumer recycled paper printed with vegetable inks
✔ We don’t buy shipping materials from Uline (they fund a lot of legislation that is anti-LGBTQ+)

Our Ingredients

What we put on our skin shouldn’t harm our homes (aka our bodies and our planet).

✔ Plants
✔ Always vegan and cruelty free
✔ We source direct or work with distributors who use transparent sourcing technologies
✔ We work with women-owned and operated ingredient distributors
✔ We formulate with ingredients that support regenerative farming practices. We do not wildcraft because it is not a sustainable option for a consumer goods business. Additionally, since the availability and viability of plant populations is ever-changing (hello, climate change) we pivot and will reformulate if an ingredient is at risk.

Our Team

People need to be able to live on the salaries they earn.

✔ Living wages as determined by the MIT living wage calculator
✔ PTO (6.5 weeks)
✔ 4 day work week
✔ Paid lunch breaks
✔ 401K matching
✔ Yearly bonus for biking, taking public transit, or rideshare to work for at least 50% of shifts
✔ We strongly encourage folks who are BIPOC, LGBTQ+, disabled, parents, or others who have been system-impacted to apply

Our Microfactory

Small batch is a mindset.

✔ We weigh our trash weekly and try to reduce our waste by 15% year over year
✔ We make things in small batches because it helps us to control and audit our own waste
✔ We offset our utilities with wind power
✔ We redistribute monthly to small, mutual-aid, grassroots focused, BIPOC- and queer-led organizations that align with our values through their work in the categories of Earth & Nature, Social Justice, and Animal Justice

The Official Stuff


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