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The Acne Journal

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A Deep Dive Into Your Pores & How To Make Your Skin Comfy 


First off, what is acne?

Acne is an inflammatory condition that affects the whole body. It occurs when hair follicles become clogged with oil and dead skin cells. Acne affects people of all ages. It isn't caused by any one thing and there is no cure-all treatment that is the same for every person.

We often ask ourselves, how should we be talking to you about your skin? We know that acne can impact one's self image and confidence. And we aren't here to tell you not to feel those feelings.

So let's talk about comfort. How do you take care of your skin when it is feeling tender, inflamed and sore? How can you support it so it feels its most comfortable, and you, your most confident?

Treating Zits

Yes, we will tell you what products we use to aid pimples and help skin feel really good, but first, some conceptual food for thought:

Your zits are a communication method. 

It’s your skin saying, hello, I’m clogged or upset. Maybe more like HELLO I’M CLOGGED OR UPSET!!!!! 

So, when you get a zit, you might ask yourself: why? Maybe it’s just an ebb and flow of hormones. Maybe it’s life stress. Maybe your skin is sensitive to a product you’ve been using. Maybe it’s been scrubbed too hard or “cleansed” too much. 

Try to identify any stressors that might be causing that skin inflammation, and see what you can learn from that little messenger on your face. 

Sometimes, it’s helpful to do less and see what happens, rather than bombard your sweet face with a lot of products. Remember, you can always tailor our facial care to your face. Skin type and skin needs change with the seasons and over the passage of time. 

Now, our best acne tips:


Make Pimples Go Away While Soothing Stress 

Our Spot Serum was designed to shrink and prevent zits. But what’s even cooler is that it is literally cooling. It calms and cools even the most tender inflamed pimples, so your face starts feeling better right away. 

We also tucked some stress relieving aromatherapy in Spot Serum (because sometimes pimples are a sign of stress), so you can breathe in relief while you tend to your spots. And even if you don’t have spots, a roll-on of Spot Serum on your wrists and temples is refreshing and lovely. 


Oily Skin Isn’t A Bad Thing

Oil gets a really bad rap (hello, 90s-era marketing of oil-free and fat-free everything), but sometimes pimples can arise from a lack of beneficial oils on your facial skin. Or, to put it another way, if your skin is constantly being stripped of its natural oils, the skin, smarty-pants that it is, will compensate by making a lot more oil. And herein starts a vicious cycle of oil-strip-oil-strip-oil-strip forever. Instead of stripping, think about balancing.  

We recommend this skin care routine: 

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Face Cleanser

An oil-based cleanser that washes off. We designed this especially for oily, combo and blemish-prone skin. Face Cleanser won’t strip pores. Instead, it imparts organic plant oils that balance skin without overdrying. Skin starts feeling comfy right away—not stripped and depleted. (For more on how cream cleanser works, read this.)

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Face Toner

Our Geranium Palmarosa Facial Toner was made especially for oily, combo or blemish-prone skin and it’s our secret weapon. It’s packed with antioxidants and nutrients that balance skin’s natural oil production and also primes the face for what you’re going to do next: moisturize.

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Face Oil

We make two, but the Juniper Carrot Seed Face Oil is the one we formulated for oily, combo or blemish-prone skin. And yes, even if you have oily skin, you should use this face oil as a moisturizer. It’s non-greasy, non-clogging and full of organic plant oils that even out oil production, revitalize skin (read: brighten), and smooth out pores and rough patches. This results in an overarching change in your skin’s inherent balance so that it stays clear, on its own. Yes, an oil that clears! (For more on why and how Face Oil works—a confusing, slippery topic—read Face Oil, Explained.)

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Spot Serum

The last step in this routine is to roll some serum on any pimples or sore spots on your face. Roll liberally, breathe, repeat. Spot Serum uses jojoba oil, an oil that is similar to sebum, your face’s natural oil. Essential oils of clove, thyme and eucalyptus discourage bacterial growth and help diminish the size of zits. The thing is… we intend for Spot Serum to be a temporary friend to your skin. By following the above cleanse, tone and moisturize routine, we hope that your skin will reach the kind of balance and clarity where you won’t need Spot Serum anymore!

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There's a lot of spot shaming out there. But treating acne isn't just about appearance (you're beautiful with or without bumps). We should really have called this a Comfort Primer, because that’s what clear skin actually is. Comfy skin. Forever.


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