What it Means to Be a Vegan Company

May 25, 2017

Veganism isn't a diet, it's an entire lifestyle. It means eating no animal products, including pesky ingredients like gelatin and eggs. When we look beyond the kitchen, being vegan means opting for vegan fabrics, like cotton, and avoiding leather. And it also means opting for personal care products that don't test on animals or use animal ingredients.

A lot of people go vegan for different reasons, but for me, it's always been about the animals and the environment. I'd love to hear your story!

What is Cruelty Free?

A product that is cruelty free is not tested on animals. We're proud to be both vegan and cruelty free, which means there are no animal ingredients in our products, and no animals are used for testing. Just willing friends and family. Meow Meow Tweet is actually Leaping Bunny certified, which you can read about here.

What Animal Ingredients Are in Personal Care Products?

You might be wondering which ingredients are sourced from animals. A few of the more common ingredients are carmine, gelatin, and lanolin. Carmine is a red pigment sourced from crushed cochineal beetles, and often used to add colour to cosmetics. Gelatin is a protein made by boiling different parts of an animal. It's often used as a thickener in skin and hair products. Lanolin is an oil collected from sheep's wool that's used as an emollient. One more common ingredient is beeswax, which is often used in makeup and skincare.

These were just a few common animal ingredients. You can see a thorough list here.

How Can Products Be Tested Without Animals?

We actually don't need to test personal care products on animals. There are alternative methods that use human cells instead of animal cells, which provide more accurate results. You can learn more about in vitro tests and their use in the cosmetics industry here.

Here at Meow Meow Tweet, products are never tested on animals. Instead, they're tested for stability (so they don't melt, freeze, or break down). They're also microbial tested to ensure minimal levels of bacteria. And of course they're tested on friends and family before going to market. This whole process ensures quality without sacrificing animals.

What Does it Mean to Be a Vegan Personal Care Company?

For starters, being a vegan company means formulating products without animal ingredients or animal testing. But it also means making a commitment to ethical practices. And as Tara, our co-founder has said, being vegan “sets a precedent for the ingredients we choose and the products we develop.” 

Sarah Price is a green beauty and self care writer with an obsession with holistic skincare. She writes about natural beauty, DIY recipes, self care tips, and more on her self titled blog.

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