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Sometimes the Most Meaningful Changes are Nearly Invisible

We’re cutting paper from our line & reducing our carbon footprint even more

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The Anti In Antiperspirants

We don't make natural deodorant because we think conventional deodorant will give you cancer. We make it because we like how easily identifiable ingredients from the earth can fight body...

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Shopping Will Not Save the Planet

In the last decade, there has been a considerable rise in the demand for sustainable consumer goods. As the sustainable fashion, green beauty, and zero-waste movements have gained hold in...

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Natural Deodorant 101

Looking for a natural deodorant that works? Don't know where to start? Here we dive into the most frequently asked questions about our deodorant.

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Marshmallow root has been used for healing purposes for centuries. We made our own marshmallow extract for our Chamomile Yarrow Gel Face Toner, and marshmallow root powder makes an appearance...

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A (Plastic-Free) Guide to Self-Love

We challenged ourselves to make a "self love" guide for Valentine's Day that would not make us cringe. It includes a few of our favorite things... exfoliation, meditation, and masturbation......

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Come along as we explore the health benefits of lemon essential oil. Lemons are ancient and beautiful and so darn versatile. Your gut, your skin, your mental clarity can all...

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