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Zoom Safety Razor
Zoom Safety Razor
Zoom Safety Razor
Zoom Safety Razor

Safety Razor

Rose Gold
$26.00 USD

A reusable waste free metal razor with a stand.

Our friends at Bambaw have developed a plastic free shave that creates zero waste. The double edge razor has a long, riffled handle made of high-quality metal, which makes it ideal for shaving any skin surface. Use with our Coconut Cacao Body Soap for a close, moisturized shave. Available in Rose Gold.

Lather soap or shaving cream over skin, shave, rinse. Follow with toner and/or oil to replenish the skin.

corrosion proof brass razor and a platinum blade


Safety Razor

$26.00 USD

Multipurpose Manifesto

Hair, hair, anywhere.

The Breakdown

Box: Recycle Or Compost

Razor: Replace The Blade & Use Indefinitely

Blade: Recycle

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