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Zoom Wide Tooth Comb
Zoom Wide Tooth Comb

Wide Tooth Comb

$8.00 USD

A bamboo comb that stands the test of time and tangle

F.E.T.E. 100% bamboo combs are strong, sturdy and home compostable. Perfectly designed to easily move through your hair, which makes untangling simple and easy!

Comb and untangle to your heart's and hair's content.

Bamboo brushes are naturally antibacterial and water resistant.

100% sustainably harvested bamboo


Wide Tooth Comb

$8.00 USD

Multipurpose Manifesto

Use it to hold your playing cards or sort your mail... What can a comb be used for besides hair? Pet your cats!

The Breakdown

Paper Placard: recycle or compost

Comb: use indefinitely, compost when finished

Is the Zero Waste Trend Sustainable?

The zero waste movement is hot right now. Google searches for “zero waste” have tripled since 2017 and the hashtag #zerowaste has over 4 million posts on Instagram. So why is our plastic problem getting worse?

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