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Get To Know Deodorant Sticks

A green tube of deodorant sits on a green backdrop. A plastic palm tree is stuck diagonally out of the top.

Your deodorant stick shouldn’t outlive you.

Yet, most of the deodorant sticks we will have used over our lifetimes (remember Teen Spirit?) will do just that. Only 5% of all plastic produced globally actually gets recycled. That’s a staggeringly low figure. The other 95% (that is, almost all of it) ends up in landfills or the ocean.

Some plastic is unavoidable—medical equipment, for instance—but deodorant? I don’t think we can say that the plastic used in deodorant is unavoidable, or even that deodorant itself is entirely essential.

There is another option: Paper.

Here are 5 reasons why our paper tubes are the deodorant of the future. All you have to do is make the switch.

Fully Compostable

Our plastic-free deodorant is made out of biodegradable paper and vegetable inks. When you’re done with it, simply toss the empty tube into the compost bin (municipal or backyard). It will fully decompose within 12 months. Cut it into pieces for faster decomposition. If you don’t have access to compost of any kind, you can also stick the empty tube in a patch of dirt, because it’s completely biodegradable. It can also go into your paper recycling if it’s not oil stained.


Our paper tubes use a push-pop style design to deliver the right amount of product directly into your cozy armpits. Because the entire construction is paper, pushing up the tube can take a little getting used to. Work your thumb around the outer rim of the inner disc to push more product up, like so.

Hand Made

Unlike plastic tubes which can handle a mechanized filling process, our paper tubes need to be filled by hand. This makes them more expensive to produce, but it enables us to treat our raw ingredients with absolute care and reduce waste in our production process. It also gives us latitude to fully ensure the high quality of each stick before sending it out to a customer.

End Of Life

Before biodegrading your paper deodorant stick, use it as a seedling starter for that gorgeous vegetable garden you are planting. You can rest easy knowing that the materials used to make the deodorant were, like the seed you're starting, just plants from nature.


The last-but-not-least reason to love our paper sticks is for the quality of the deodorant housed inside of them. Imagine a deodorant that works, plain and simple, but that also feels as special as a perfume. Speaking of feelings, you can feel good about these in every way—from how they're made to the ingredients inside of them to the way they feel on your body. There are no stabilizers or fillers in our deodorant—only ethically-sourced, organic, and fair trade essential oils, plant oils, and butters—and they come in 5 evocative scents, including 3 baking-soda free versions for sensitive underarms.

It was a long, sticky road to create the first-ever fully biodegradable deodorant stick. We were the first company to make them, working out all the paper trickiness and the formula to make sure that we could really stick it to plastic deodorant tubes, which we are infinitely proud of.

Our many iterations of deodorant sticks through the years.

Written By Vera Kachouh


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