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Our Monthly Give

Putting Dollars Where Our Hearts Are

We’ve always said we’re values-driven first and business-y second. We want to do good for the people who use our products and to inspire change. That’s why we redistribute one percent or more of our monthly sales to causes that are important to us. We give in the following areas—Earth & Nature, Social Justice, Animal Justice—and rotate causes monthly, so we can respond to urgent need.


Cut Fruit Collective is a San Francisco Bay Area grassroots group that is driven by art, community, and a shared love of food. The collective creates art for AAPI community care and envisions a colorful future where all AAPI communities thrive and feel seen, heard, and celebrated. Cut Fruit Collective supports Bay Area AAPI through meal distribution programs, funds for Oakland Chinatown businesses affected by fire, grants for QTAAPI artists, and murals for AAPI small businesses.

We also have a recurring monthly donation to Black Farmer Fund, Justice for Black Girls, and Sunrise Movement.



February 2021 - Yisrael Family Urban Farm
A Black-owned family operation that is #TransformingTheHood4Good (GOOD = Growing Our Own Destiny) by using urban agriculture as a tool for community engagement, empowerment and employment.

January 2021 - Little Hill Sanctuary
An organization located on California’s Central Coast where they provide permanent sanctuary to more than 100 animals rescued from abuse, neglect and slaughter.

December 2021 - Sacramento Homeless Union
an organization in our community that does a lot of on-the-ground mutual aid for our unhoused population.

November 2021 – Sogorea Te’ Land Trust
Sogorea Te’ Land Trust is a women-led land trust that facilitates the return of Indigenous land to Indigenous people. 

October 2021 - East Oakland Collective
A community/member owned and operated mutual aid network that focuses on feeding folks, supporting them in access to housing, and empowering the community through education and a financial lending circle for members.

August, September 2021 - DigDeep
Dig Deep’s Navajo Water Project brings water and electricity to Americans without access. Our liquid Hand + Body Wash is a perennial fundraiser for DigDeep, with $5 redistributed from every purchase.

July 2021 - Sarvodaya Institute
An organization working to disassemble colonial culture and develop a modern culture of healing and regeneration. They want to help people remember their role as caregivers and lovers of our collective EarthBody, through the practice of gardening and farming.

June 2021 – Newburgh LGBTQ+ Center
The Newburgh LGBTQ+ Center is a hub of resources, education, community building, advocacy, and organizing, with the goal of building more resilient networks in our community.

May 2021 – Sogorea Te’ Land Trust
Sogorea Te’ Land Trust is a women-led land trust that facilitates the return of Indigenous land to Indigenous people. 

April 2021 – A Growing Culture
A Growing Culture empowers farmers to define and shape the food system.

March 2021 - DigDeep
Dig Deep’s Navajo Water Project brings water and electricity to Americans without access. Our liquid Hand + Body Wash is a perennial fundraiser for DigDeep, with $5 redistributed from every purchase.

February 2021 - For the GWORLS
For the GWORLS is an NYC-based grassroots org that supports Black trans people in gender affirming surgeries, medical needs and paying rent.

January 2021 - AfroVegan Society
AfroVegan Society is a Black-led nonprofit that provides free resources like recipes, cooking workshops and more to help historically marginalized communities access a vegan lifestyle.

December 2020 - Ocean Conservancy
Ocean Conservancy is an international organization working alongside environmental leaders, politicians and Indigenous tribes to clean up and protect the world’s oceans.

November 2020 - DigDeep
In November, we redistributed funds to Dig Deep’s Navajo Water Project as part of our monthly 1% give, as well as the #ReclaimBlackFriday campaign with Reclaim Collaborative. For #ReclaimBlackFriday we donated 10% of sales between Nov 27–30. In addition, our liquid Hand + Body Wash is a perennial fundraiser for this vital organization, with $5 from every purchase going directly to DigDeep and their effort to supply every American with clean, hot and cold running water.

October 2020- Black Voters Matter
An organization in the South that mobilizes Black communities to get out the vote, fight voter suppression and advocate for voters’ rights at the polls.

September 2020 - Lebanese Red Cross
In September, we donated to Lebanese Red Cross to aid victims of the August 4, 2020, Beirut blast. The goal of the Lebanese Red Cross is to promote peace, serve Lebanese society, and alleviate human suffering with neutrality and without any racial, sexual, social, religious or political discrimination.

August 2020 - DigDeep Navajo Water Project
For the month of August, we’ve doubled donations from the sales of our exclusive fundraising liquid soap to continue our support of this vital project, which brings clean drinking water and toilet systems to vulnerable Americans, the majority of whom are Black and Indigenous. 

July 2020 - DigDeep Navajo Water Project
We’ve donated to DigDeep in October 2019, February 2020, and on a monthly basis through our exclusive fundraising liquid soap. 

June 2020 - The Conscious Kid & Black Trans Protestors Emergency Fund
In June, we donated to two organizations that are actively working to create an antiracist society. We started our monthly recurring donation to Black Lives Matter.

May 2020 - Black Lives Matter & The Bail Project
In response to the murders of Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, George Floyd (and many others), and in solidarity with the global uprising for Black lives, we donated to these two organizations in May.

April 2020 - Sylvia Rivera Law Project
SRLP is a collective organization founded on the understanding that gender self-determination is inextricably intertwined with racial, social and economic justice. They seek to increase the political voice and visibility of low-income people and people of color who are transgender, intersex, or gender non-conforming. SRLP works to improve access to respectful and affirming social, health, and legal services for these communities.

February, March 2020 - DigDeep Right to Water Project
Last October, our fundraising efforts paid for one family’s water system. We’re doing it again this February with DigDeep and their Navajo Water Project. This organization believes that clean drinking water and toilet systems are inalienable human rights. We agree.

January 2020 - WIRES Australian Wildlife Rescue
As millions of acres of Australia burned, WIRES was on the frontlines of animal rescue. It is estimated that 1.25 billion animal lives were lost (and counting). WIRES continues to save lives and rehabilitate wild animals in their care.

December 2019 - The Edible Schoolyard
Alice Waters’ organization, The Edible Schoolyard, makes free sustainable lunch for public school kids a right not a privilege.

November 2019 - One Tree Planted
One Tree Planted is on a mission for global reforestation. They work with communities and individuals to help the environment by doing something simple and beautiful—planting trees.

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