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Why We Give Every Month (And Who Gets Our Funds)

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We’ve always said we’re values-driven first and business-y second. Maybe that’s because we didn’t start out in business. We’re artists who want to inspire positivity in the lives of the people who use our products.  

From the very beginning—when we were hanging out with our cats, making soaps in our kitchen, and stamping every label by hand—we knew we wanted to be a different kind of company. To us, that has always meant treading with care on the planet, being vegan and selling only vegan products, being cruelty and palm free, and minimizing (or eliminating) packaging waste and plastic overconsumption. 

It also means standing up for the things we care about and putting our dollars behind organizations that don’t spread hate. Sometimes, that’s about who we buy packaging supplies from (i.e., not the openly homophobic and transphobic Uline); other times, that’s about direct donations to organizations that are standing up for people, the planet, and our animal friends (recently, RAICES, an organization that’s protecting the rights of kids and adults at the border). 

We want to uplift, bring peace, be a voice to spur change. So we created the monthly give. One percent or more of sales go to the causes that are important to us—every single month. We rotate them so we can be nimble enough to react to recent attacks by the current administration and urgent human / animal need. 

Below, we tell you more about how we think about this and what it means for our company. Oh, and by the way, none of this could happen without you (yes, you!). So, thank you from the bottom of our hearts.  




The earth needs our help. It’s super simple. We hope that every zero-waste or plastic-eliminating product that we sell will replace a more harmful one in your medicine cabinet, on your skin, and in the landfill. Maybe one day this will add up to major systemic change and rejuvenation on a planetary level (we think that it will). Is it a drop of water in a vast sea right now? Maybe, but we’ll do it anyway.


We make ethical products that don’t stress the earth. Most of our ingredients are certified organic, non-gmo, and from strong or renewable plant populations. We are 100% vegan, cruelty-, and palm-free. Most of our packaging is paper, biodegradable / compostable, refillable, or recyclable. We’ll take back your plastic and recycle it if you don’t have ready access. All of our ingredients are eco-certified, which means they’ve undergone the strictest rubric for safety concerns in the world.




We are 100% for the safety, equality, and fair representation of all humans and we’re not messing around. This means LGBTQIA folks, people of color, women, immigrants and underrepresented people and give a big middle finger to companies who are openly trans- and homophobic and fund hate via donations to the GOP. We’re devastated by the camps at the border, babies without protection and the government-supported terrorism against migrants seeking asylum. 


Our products are ethically sourced and gender neutral. We work super hard to guarantee accessibility, and have invested significant resources in making our website accessible to those with disabilities. As makers and purveyors, we believe that every person has the right to live with dignity, equality, comfort and independence. We use our platform to speak up for the unseen and we’re not afraid of standing up for those who are less fortunate. 




We’re vegan! And so our are products. Seriously, what would you expect from a company called Meow Meow Tweet 


We are cruelty- and palm-free, and we are also Leaping Bunny certified, which means we don’t do animal testing at any stage of product development. Our ingredient suppliers have also been audited to meet the same standard.  


For a full list of where we've given and our monthly log, go here.


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