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Beyond the Five Rs: Everything You Need To Know About Our Packaging

Our Sustainable Packing Materials Have A Few Tricks Up Their Sleeves...

Here's our general philosophy: more cats, less trash.

It's simple when you think about it: The packing materials you get when you order something online should not outlive you.

Why would you want your order to come swaddled in plastic packaging that's going to be clogging oceans until the end of time? There is no good reason for this to be the norm other than capitalism's two favorite reasons—money and convenience. But we've never been super inspired by either of those... 

We are not saying that your personal shopping habits will save the planet. But we are saying: You, consumer, have choices. At the very least, you deserve to know what your goods are wrapped in and how to responsibly dispose of that wrapping when you're done with it. You have the right to be informed and to make some choices, too.


There is zero plastic in our shipping materials. Here's what we use instead—

100% Recyclable Box with Paper Tape

First things first: The necessary shipping box. Maybe it seems like "just a box," but boxes are big business and the company ULINE (openly transphobic, major Trump supporters) have the monopoly. We order our boxes from Apple instead, a local-to-us supplier in the Hudson Valley, and the boxes are 100% recyclable or you can add them to your own compost heap.

100% Cornstarch Packing Peanuts

Those cute lil peanuts that lovingly embrace your Face Toner? No, they're not styrofoam. They are made out of cornstarch and will actually dissolve under running water, or you can let them biodegrade in the compost, alongside your cardboard Deodorant Stick. Here's how we "deal" with them: Put them in a watering can. Fill with warm water. Stir, stir, stir until they dissolve. Now, water the plants.

100% Recyclable and Reusable Tissue Paper

We are always hesitant to add another piece of paper to your order, but when we find a material that can be easily recycled or reused and we come up with an idea that will also bring a lot of joy—we go for it. This year, for the cozy season, we've printed custom tissue paper bedecked with Jeff's drawings on an uplifting purple background. It comes with every order, so you can send a gift that feels special to a loved one far away, use the tissue paper to wrap a present you're giving in person, or ball it up and toss it to the cat to play with. There are so many options, here, folks. Also, the paper is 100% recyclable when you're ready to part ways with it.

100% Recyclable Cat Cutout

Again, joy. Also totally recyclable and biodegradable and made with vegetable-ink dyes. Use this little cutout as an ornament, a gift tag, or spritz it with toner and hang it from your rearview mirror like an air freshener. (HA!) If someone does this, please please send pics.

Thanks for being such an awesome consumer and caring about how your orders are packed. We know that our actions are small, but we are happy to be taking them with you.

p.s. Drop us a line if you have any questions about your shipment. A real person (Avery!) will get back to you: We love hearing from you.


The Meow Meow Tweet Blog Is A Collaborative Thought Project Between The Founders Of Meow Meow Tweet And Our Editorial Team. This Post Was Written By Vera Kachouh.


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