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Zoom Mesh Body Scrub Cloth
Zoom Mesh Body Scrub Cloth
Zoom Mesh Body Scrub Cloth
Zoom Mesh Body Scrub Cloth

Mesh Body Scrub Cloth

Cotton + Washi
$14.00 USD

Exfoliating body scrub towel made from natural fibers.

We've been on the look out for a plastic-free exfoliating cloth to offer as a daily exfoliating option. Here it is! This mesh textile is a powerful and reusable scrubbing cloth made by Sasawashi in Osaka, Japan. The fabric is 100% natural and made from absorbent washi threads woven with deodorizing kumazasa plant fibers. Rough to the touch when dry, the mesh style becomes soft and comfortable in the shower. And when you're ready for a new one, throw it in your compost to dispose of!

Lather up with soap and scrub cloth over body. Can also be used over wet skin without soap. Will soften with use.

Machine wash warm with like colors, air dry.

30% Washi paper, 70% cotton


Mesh Body Scrub Cloth

$14.00 USD

Multipurpose Manifesto

You can also enjoy a soap-free wash with this mesh towel. Also recommended for dry scrubbing.

The Breakdown

Paper Sleeve: Recycle Or Compost

Cloth: Backyard Or Municipal Compost

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