5 Tricks for Using Our Liquid Soap

5 Tricks for Using Our Liquid Soap

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Yes, you probably know what to do with a bottle of soap when it comes to cleaning your hands. But our newly reformulated liquid Hand + Body Wash also steps in as an all-purpose household cleaner, laundry detergent, and more.

A Multipurpose Soap on a Mission

You know we’re truly multipurpose, right? To us that means that every single product we launch has to have more than one use. We do this for a few reasons: (1) resist the capitalist marketing machine that wants us to make a different SKU for every inch of our bodies and prey on our insecurities while doing it (eye cream! zit cream! cream for that tiny piece of flab under your chin!); and (2) because the minimalist lifestyle really speaks to us and it feels so good to have, say, four products that can do everything you need them to do (maybe more).

In the spirit of THAT, here are a few tricks up the proverbial sleeve of our newly reformulated liquid Hand + Body Wash. Try them, know them, love them.



No, you don’t need a special wash for your panties, but you might want to try our liquid Hand + Body Wash for them. It’s very gentle for those delicates and if you keep it on your sink for washing hands, it’s super convenient to set up a quick clothes wash without reaching for the laundry detergent. Hand-washing can reduce water usage, too, if you’re only washing a few items. We love it especially for our masks!


Dab a little bit right on stained or soiled cloth, rub a little water in, scrub, scrub, scrub, and rinse. Our soap can sub-in for a stain remover easily. The tiny bit of castile soap in the formulation gives it the strength that it needs for the job. Use a firm brush to work the soap into cloth fibers for really stubborn stains.



Dilute the soap in a bottle of water and then spritz your little heart out. At home, we use this basic formula on kitchen counter surfaces and to wipe up sticky spills. No additional cleaning product required. The herbaceous scent combos won’t turn you off in a space like the kitchen, where harsh chemical cleaners and their synthetic smells can feel so unwelcome.


Most of you use our liquid Hand + Body Wash for your hands in the kitchen or bathroom, but this new formula is ACES for the shower. Seriously, it’s like those super jelly body washes we all used to use in the early-aughts, but with none of the gross stuff. Ample organic Aloe Vera will give you such silky smooth feels, you’ll be reaching for your body pouf.



This one is a little different, but worth a mention here, because it’s one of the best things about this soap. $5 for every bottle sold goes to DigDeep Water’s Navajo Water Project. Help us reach our goal of equipping 1 family with water by the end of spring.


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