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Closing the Loop on Our Liquid Soap

A Zero-Waste Liquid Soap with Refills  

Bar soap is beautiful in part because of the packaging we can use for it—the paper box that surrounds it is completely recyclable and compostable. Zero plastic.

Liquid Soap presents more challenges when you’re aiming for as little waste as possible, but we’ve worked hard to close the loop on the waste cycle for our newly reformulated Hand + Body Wash so you can have that liquid-gel-pump-lather experience without the plastic waste.


Yes, the pump on our glass dispensers is plastic. But the good news is you only need one. You can use it until it falls apart, and then you can send it back to us to Terracycle. But that pretty glass bottle with the dancing cats and color blobs? Ahhh, it’s so sturdy and good looking and it can be refilled endlessly. Now, about those refills…


Pair your glass soap dispenser with an ongoing supply of refills and you’ll be set on soap. We package our liquid soap Bulk refills in an all-aluminum bottle because aluminum is the most-likely material to be recycled. Many materials are theoretically recyclable, but never actually get recycled because of misidentification. It’s a huge bummer. Aluminum has the highest chance of being recycled once it hits the recycling facility, so it was the best choice for our refill bottles.


Bulk also saves you money, because we price it lower than the full-size products. You can also subscribe to the bulk product of your choice to save an additional 10%. 

Read more about our Liquid Hand + Body Wash here.


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