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Get To Know Deodorant Cream


If you want zero-waste deodorant, don't buy any. If you want the next best thing, you need our deodorant cream.

We started making deodorant cream when we couldn’t find a decent natural and plastic-free deodorant option on the market. It was the first product that we made, over a decade ago, that wasn’t a bar of soap.

It put us on the map because we came out with a baking soda free version when there wasn't one available anywhere. At that time, the most common complaints about natural deodorants were that they didn't work or that they gave people rashes. We wanted to change that.

Inspired by Tara’s grandmother's story of using Milk of Magnesia as deodorant in her teen years, we researched magnesium as an earth-based, mineral, odor-fighting option. After many iterations, our Grapefruit Baking Soda Free Deodorant Cream was born and it was an instant hit.

We were committed to using a plastic free packaging option, which is why this first iteration was in glass and was a cream. For years we educated customers about our cream version and how it was totally fine to touch your own armpits. Finally we could afford to start making them in paper tubes (but that’s a different story). Our cream version is still our beloved original formula and a best seller.

Here are 5 reasons our deodorant cream is not only the OG of zero-waste deodorant, but the very best deodorant that money can buy.

It Doesn’t Mask Odor, It Prevents It

Have you ever applied deodorant and felt like the scent was sitting on top of your BO? It’s not a great vibe. Our deodorant cream works by creating an environment where bacteria can’t thrive, resulting in a decrease in odor. This is one of the main reasons why our review section is literally screaming with success stories. Our deodorant cream is not a bad-smell coverup, it’s actual odor prevention.

Baking soda and magnesium (or arrowroot powder and magnesium for the baking soda free version) make the skin too alkaline for bacteria to feed on the proteins and fats delivered through your sweat. Ta-da, no smell! The essential oils that we use in our deodorant creams (grapefruit, bergamot, lavender, tea tree, and rose geranium) smell amazing and are also functionally beneficial, because they inhibit the growth of bacteria before it starts.

It’s Refillable (Endlessly) & Saves Money

This is the best, most effective, and least waste producing deodorant in existence, because it can be refilled indefinitely. Here’s how:

→ When you finish your full size (2.4 oz) deodorant in a metal tin, order a bulk size (9.4 oz), which also comes in metal.
→ Sterilize your full size, then refill it (4 times) from the bulk size.
→ When you’ve used all of the bulk size (possibly one year later), send it back to us for free. We’ll refill & resell it.

If you bought FOUR full size deodorants on our site it would cost you $56, but the equivalent amount is only $45 when you shop in bulk.

Here’s what to do with the rest of the packaging that comes with one full size (2.4 oz) metal tin of deodorant:

→ Paper box (outer packaging): repurpose, recycle, or compost
→ Metal tin: refill (see above!), repurpose, or recycle

Note that if you go the refill route, you will only ever have ONE paper box to deal with. You can refill the metal tin indefinitely.

We use metal for our bulk size (9.4 oz) because we can sterilize and refill it in our warehouse. Metal is the most widely recyclable material, so when it is sufficiently banged up, we can recycle it with confidence that it will actually get turned into new material.

You Only Need A Little

The biggest problem that most people have with cream deodorant is application.

First off, deodorant cream puts you in intimate contact with your armpits. We want to make a case for this being a good thing. Your armpits are on your body—they are a part of you!—it’s OKAY to touch them. If you apply your deo out of the shower, your pits will be nice and clean. Plus, have you ever given yourself an armpit massage? If you answered no, you’re missing out.

Second, you only need a little deodorant cream because it is so effective. Scoop a pea-sized amount out of the jar with clean fingers. Warm the putty between your fingers and split the pea between both hands. Gently rub the cream into your skin until you can no longer see it.

You want to rub it in all the way for the most effective result, because remember, these ingredients are preventing the bacteria that causes the stink to grow. Skin contact is important. If you use too much it might also stain your clothes.

So, in summary: Use a small amount, get intimate with your pits, rub it all the way in.

It’s More Than Deodorant

You might be thinking… what else could a deodorant possibly do? Well, you can use it on your feet, behind your knees, or on your chest—other places that could benefit from a little deodorization. Jeff once brushed their teeth with it on a camping trip. It doesn’t taste great, but let this be an example of our food-grade ingredients.

It Comes In 5 Scents, Including 3 Sensitive Skin Formulas

Our “classic” formulation of deodorant cream with baking soda comes in Lavender & Tea Tree scents. For sensitive (most) underarms, baking soda free is the best bet, and in that formulation, we offer Grapefruit, Lavender, Rose Geranium, and Unscented. The Unscented option is amazing for people with sensitive noses, but also for those savvy enough to scent it themselves using essential oils. Here’s a cheat sheet.

Ready to try a metal tin of your own? Start here.


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