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Hair + Body Mists Are Here

Three colorful bottles are cradled in a set of light brown hands.

I’ll set the stage: It’s 1990. You’re at the mall with your parents. You’re stopping at Bath & Body Works to pick up one of those cheesy gift baskets for a teacher, or for your grandmother, or for your mom’s best friend. It’s going to have iridescent pearl beads for the bath, and a shimmering gel for the shower, and a spray bottle with a perfume “mist” that can be sprayed from head-to-toe.

Hold the camera on that last one. Now give it a makeover.

Instead of mysterious “fragrance” it’s going to be made with true-blue, natural essential oils. Instead of smelling like Fruit Loops it's going to smell layered—woodsy or floral or smokey or crisp depending on which you chose. Instead of plastic it’s going to be housed in infinitely recyclable metal bottles.

Because this is 2023, and we just launched three Hair + Body Mists for the modern human who deserves a daily spritz of sensorial aliveness.

Which one would you put in your compostable straw gift basket?



A blue bottle held by a light brown hand in front of some plant fronds

For adventurers who plumb the depths, Argonaut is a forest-filled scent that has a soft, romantic, violet-floral kick to it.

Notes: violet, clary sage, wild pine, vetiver



A yellow bottle sits poolside with a white bathing suit

For sensualists who smolder, Dreamtiger is deep and rich. It smells sweet at first and then dries down to a spicy, woody undertone.

Notes: neroli, geranium, ylang ylang, earth, clove



A pink bottle floats in turquoise blue pool water

For sprites who usher cheer, Celebration is zesty and floral with vanilla undertones. This heart-bursting bouquet is a dose of dewey springtime for your body.

Notes: grapefruit, jasmine, neroli, tonka bean

No matter which Hair + Body Mist you choose, the beauty of these mists is that their scent changes depending on the wearer. The perfume softens or brightens, mixing with your body chemistry to make something unique and beautiful. Layer it over the course of the day, or spritz whenever you need to feel fresher. You can also spray these mists in your spaces to give you a sensory lift. Unlike typical perfume, they’re never heavy or overwhelming.

Find Your Scent

Three colorful bottles sit on a white shelf under a huge plant

Written By Vera Kachouh


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