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Our Sunscreen Is Walking Off Into The Sunset

Whether you’re Count Dracula and barely spend any time in the sun or Icarus who flew too close to it, you know you need an everyday SPF (ah, ah, ah!).

And there are some great ones out there, but after the last batch of ours sells out, our sunscreen is walking off into the sunset, forever. I hope it has one last burst of effervescent saturated color dripping into the horizon, and maybe even catches that elusive green ray.

Read on to learn why we’re letting go of it, plus where you can find the very best replacements for your sweet, sun-kissed face.

Why Cancel Everyday Sunscreen?

Welp, it’s just not good enough. We worked on this reef-safe formula for a loooooong time and got pretty close to inventing our sunscreen ideal—reef safe, vegan, sheer, smells good, refillable and pump-free container—but it’s just not quite where we want it to be. At Meow Meow Tweet, we try to make a practice of only standing by the things we truly love, and we work on the things that we need to improve. We don’t have the funds to reformulate our sunscreen right now, so we’re saying goodbye.

Our Everyday Sunscreen was sheer when we formulated it, but it lost this quality when it got scaled-up in bulk—this happens sometimes (#chemistry). If a sunscreen isn’t sheer, guess what? It’s not skin-color inclusive. And that’s a dealbreaker for us.

One day, we’ll head back to the drawing board and develop something we’re over-the-moon in love with. It will be cosmic.

For now, meet our personal favorites (not sponsored). We’re only providing “cons” to help you in your buying experience, but we really like all of these. They’re reef safe and all tested and loved by our own team—a group of people who range from dark to light skin, and are hikers, cyclists, runners and sun worshippers.

Sunscreens We Love A Lot

Pros: Feels great on the face, rubs in completely, great ingredient list, plastic free packaging
Cons: A little expensive, but if you reserve it for your face, it will last longer!

Palm + Pine
Pros: Fragrance free, great ingredient list, plastic free packaging, a little white cast
Con: A little expensive. Comes out fast and needs a pump!

Pros: Feels great on the face, tinted for most skin tones, Black-owned, metal bottle.
Cons: It comes in a small bottle, so it’s really only a great option for the face. It contains niacinamide, which can cause sensitivity in some folks.

Mychelle Sun Shield
Pros: Available in a range of skin colors and packaged in glass with a dropper (that means it's all very easy to take apart and recycle in full). It has a high SPF of 50.
Cons: It’s a small bottle, so it’s only a good option for the face.

Badger Sunscreens
Pros: Comes in plastic-free tins at good price points.
Cons: A little heavy feeling. There are no tinted versions. It’s not vegan.

Raw Elements
Pros: Comes in plastic-free tins, paper tubes, and a soon-to-launch aluminum tube.* Sold at good price points. Comes in a tinted version.
Cons: Not vegan. The formulas in the tins and paper tubes are a little heavy feeling and hard to spread.

*They also offer a tube made from bioplastics, which isn't a good option unless you have access to municipal compost—and even with municipal composts, sometimes bioplastics are separated out and tossed in landfills.

Versed Guards Up Sunscreen
Pros: Feels great on the face, tinted, unscented, and goes on sheer.
Cons: Comes in a plastic tube.

However you decide to care for your face, we love it and you. Take good care of it this summer and always. May the warmth of the sun fill you with joy.


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Written By Vera Kachouh



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