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Earth & Air Aromatherapy Bundles

Feet on the ground or head in the clouds?

Our two new scent pathways, Earth & Air, offer two distinct sensory experiences drawing from the realms of the waking world and those of dreams. We’ve infused these aromatherapy head-trips into candles, bath soaks (with salt for amazing skin!), and body soaps for a limited time only. Choose your adventure.


The aromatherapeutic properties of Earth are designed for groundedness. Put those feet down and feel rooted, like a tree. This essential oil blend exudes evergreens, woody-ness, the color green. It contains:

Black Spruce — for centering, calming, focus, and a sense of rootedness
Cedar — for strengthening connections (between self & others), finding satisfaction, and fostering acceptance
Patchouli — for grounding, balancing, mood-harmonizing, and to ease tension

This is a scent for anyone who wants to feel like they are bathing in a forest from the comforting embrace of home. Both feet on the ground now. Deep connections to self & spirit.


The aromatherapeutic properties of Air are designed for effervescence—lively, frothy enthusiasm. Euphoria. This essential oil blend leans on florals to welcome openness and invite a soft, dreamy state. It contains:

Neroli — for softening emotions & a lulling effect
Ylang Ylang — for sedative, euphoric, and reassuring properties
Patchouli — to dispel negativity, promote restful sleep and good dreams

This is a scent for anyone who wants to feel uplifted, reaching toward the metaphoric clouds, to new heights. Or to access an imaginative state that feels lost. Transcend the mundane. Get elated.

Earth & Air are available as candles, bath soaks, and body soaps, sold separately or bundled together. Like the natural elements they’re named after, they are in limited supply.

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Written By Vera Kachouh


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