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Bergamot Essential Oil Is Cleansing And Healing To The Skin

And Uplifting To The Mind


Plant name: Bergamot
Latin name: Citrus aurantium var. bergamia
Parts used: Certified organic, cold pressed essential oil from fruit rind
Sourced from: Italy

Even if you’ve never heard of this citrus, you’ve probably smelled bergamot before. The rind is commonly used in Earl Grey tea and as one of the original ingredients in Eau de Cologne. Bergamot lends a warm, fresh, and slightly floral scent. 

Since bergamot is a bitter and sour fruit, the most commonly used part of the plant is the rind. This can be dried and added directly to food products, or cold-pressed and distilled to produce bergamot essential oil, which we use in a few of our products. 


Bergamot essential oil is antibacterial, antiseptic, and antiviral, making it ideal for treating wounds to get rid of or prevent infection. It can be applied directly to cuts, sores, minor burns, and acne. We love it as an ingredient in natural deodorant because it creates a hostile environment for stinky bacteria to live in and provides a lovely, fresh scent for your pits.

Bergamot essential oil also works to enhance the immune system and has anti-inflammatory properties. It is useful for reducing itchiness, redness, and swelling in skin and muscles and is gentle on sensitive skin.

Bergamot contains polyphenols (micronutrients) and other antioxidant compounds that encourage skin cell renewal and healing. By nourishing damaged skin cells and stimulating blood circulation, bergamot can help get rid of scarring or dark spots and support your skin’s natural healing process. 

The scent of bergamot essential oil is refreshing, uplifting, and focusing. It is beneficial for the nervous system and can help reduce stress and anxiety, combat insomnia, stimulate digestion, and balance mood. We love to use bergamot essential oil in a room diffuser or add a few drops to the bath for aromatherapy.


Bergamot essential oil is rejuvenating for body and mind, and we love that it plays well with other scents (check out our Essential Oil Flight for our favorite scents to blend!). However, it is important to always use essential oils properly to avoid adverse effects—you can learn more about this in our Essential Oil Safety Primer

For bergamot essential oil and other citrus-derived oils, you should always be mindful of phototoxicity. Many citrus oils react with UV rays from the sun (or tanning beds) and can result in breakouts or burns. Our bergamot oil is sourced from organically grown trees in Calabria, Italy, where the soil is especially suited for this citrus. Our supplier uses a vacuum-distillation process to remove bergapten from the essential oil, which is the compound that produces phototoxic effects. With the bergapten removed, our essential oil is FCF, meaning that it can be used safely for daytime skincare.

These are the products that we use bergamot essential oil in:

  • Lavender Bergamot Deodorant
  • Essential Oil Flight
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