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Skin Spells for Divine Skin

My first memory of being a witch was when I was around seven years old. I cut a branch from the dogwood tree in my backyard and carried it to school as my wand. My mother, a seamstress, fashioned me a pointy hat and shortened my wand so that it would fit into my backpack.

I crushed herbs from my mother’s garden and mixed them with water, pulverized and powdered mica, rubbing the concoction on my skin as a protective spell. My first experience with a story of a witch who was a practitioner was through the wonderful book Strega Nona.

My ancestral lineage is Italian Jews who were pharmacists. Pharmacies in Italy include herbal products in its pharmacopeia, so I like to think that my heritage includes herbal practice. I’ve lost connection to this part of my family, but I have sought to reconnect through my own studies as an herbalist and aromatherapist.

In honor of the tiny witch inside of me who longed to transform the ordinary into magic, I’ve crafted three magical spells for you to try at home. Our cauldrons now look a lot like commercial cookery, but I still get a tinge of the divine every time I concoct anything for you when making an MMT product. To that part of you that believes (I hope you let it out from time to time!), Happy Halloween and happy skin spellcasting.

Summon Deeper Hydration

Cleanse: Pink Rose Clay Facial Soap
Tone: Chamomile Yarrow Gel Toner
Moisturize: Rosehip Chia Face Oil

Banish Blemishes

Cleanse: Tea Tree Charcoal Facial Soap
Tone: Geranium Palmarosa Face Toner
Moisturize: Juniper Carrot Seed Face Oil

Transform Your Waste Output

Use these from head to toe—ta da!
Any Facial Bar
Aloe Rose All-Over Lotion


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Written by co-founder, Tara Pelletier


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