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The World of Green Beauty Is Confusing. Or Is It?

a wildflower in the sun

Are you interested in slow living, self-love, and being a conscious consumer? If your paws are raised, congratulations! Green beauty is for you.


Before we jump into the many reasons we love green beauty, let’s note that the terms “green,” “clean,” “natural,” and “non-toxic” are not regulated and can technically be used on any product by any brand. Most brands label their products in good faith, but unfortunately, lack of regulation means that there is a lot of greenwashing out there.

For us, green beauty means using ingredients that are as close to the plant as possible. It sits at the intersection of common kitchen ingredients, traditional craft methods, and barely refined [1] ingredients that come together to create a simple and highly effective daily care routine.

But it’s not just about choosing an eco-friendly, plant-based, and low-waste product. It’s about choosing to take the time to care for yourself. Like forest bathing for your face, green beauty asks us to slow down and have a listen. 


“Switching to green beauty can be hard because we are used to products doing what we want them to do without any effort on our part and without having to look at our lives and our bodies holistically. Conventional beauty subscribes to a culture of convenience.” –Tara Pelletier, Meow Meow Tweet co-founder 

Where conventional beauty contains ingredients that are engineered to do a specific job, green beauty works by bringing together ingredients that enhance the natural function of your skin. Plant lipids and waters make your skin cells slippery, hydrated, moisturized, and free from damage—supporting them in doing what they already know how to do. As we say in Aging Gratefully, it’s the difference between buying an “anti-aging” eye cream and crossing your fingers, or aiding cell regeneration with a beneficial hydration source.

Green beauty can take some time to get used to. Practically speaking, products have a shorter shelf life since they are made from barely refined, organic materials rather than synthetic stabilizers. Most natural beauty products should be used within three to six months of purchasing to ensure maximum freshness. Meow Meow Tweet products that come in paper tubes (like our customer-favorite deodorant sticks) should be used within three months or stored in an airtight container for maximum efficacy. (Don't worry, you can always find a multipurpose use here.)

Those new to natural beauty are often skeptical because they want to see fast results, but fast doesn’t always mean effective. You can get tips and tricks on green beauty in the CHEAT SHEET section of our blog to help tailor your natural beauty routine, or scroll down on our product pages for tips on how to use each item in different ways. In general, you will see results a little more slowly than you might with conventional beauty products, but be patient—green beauty is so much more rewarding.  


You can think of natural beauty as “slow" skincare.” It’s about the ritual as much as it is about the results. Taking the time to learn about your unique skin and the ingredients you’re using is a process that encourages you to connect with yourself. It’s also an opportunity to consider how what’s going on in your life can affect your skin.

Opting for natural products helps you connect with nature and the companies you purchase from. Ingredients' lists tend to be shorter and easier to understand, and the brands that sell them usually practice transparency as well as education and support, so you can talk to someone who knows exactly what went into formulating your face oil. 

Green beauty is also a satisfying rebellion against the busyness of modern life. It's an invitation to chill out, enjoy the ritual of caring for yourself, and smell something lovely, green, and natural. 

[1.] When we say barely refined we mean as close to the plant as we can get. We sometimes use refined and earth-derived synthetics (which are ingredients that are made from plants/minerals that are modified in labs so they remain stable in formulations).


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