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Our Multipurpose Manifesto

Open stick of repair balm against a background of red rose petals

Seasonal marketing tropes can make us feel like we have to overhaul our bathroom cabinets the minute the weather changes. But, here’s the truth: What really matters is our skin’s relationship to our environment and lifestyle. 

Sure, this can include weather and the seasons, but more crucially, it’s about listening to your skin and your bod and your what’s happening in your day-to-day. 

Our skin naturally adjusts to shifts in the weather and in our lives, but sometimes it needs a little help. Too dry? Use a humidifier and moisturize! Too oily? Oddly enough, your skin may be overproducing oil to compensate for being dry—this is common in the transitional moments between seasons.

You can always consult our Cheat Sheet on Tailoring Our Facial Care for Your Face to find different ways to use our products depending on how your skin is feeling right now. It’s like a matchmaking quiz for your face. 

Every product we carry has more than one use, but a couple of our favorites for multipurpose skin care are:

Repair Balm

Excellent for all over, including chapped lips, cracked hands, and peeling cuticles. Swipe it under your eyes to plump and reduce fine lines. Use it on sunburns and tattoos. Oh, and did we mention that it smells of sweet honey and earth from the chamomile and vetiver?

Geranium Frankincense Body Oil

Perfect for your entire body, including a dry or maturing face. We also use this as a hair oil to promote circulation in the scalp and as a crisply herbal and floral aromatherapeutic scent! 


When it comes to seasonal skincare, we have one simple recommendation: feed your skin good ingredients all year long. We formulate our products with plant oils and beneficial natural ingredients to balance, nourish, and protect your skin’s natural barrier. And if you look closely on our website, you’ll see that each product page hosts a “TIPS” section for the many different ways they can be used all year long

We’re not into pushing unnecessary products. We want to help you get the most use out of the products you already have. Buy less, reuse, and repurpose — we think it’ll make you (and the planet) feel really good. 



Make every product last

Use every product in more than one way

Let go of the idea that you need a different product for every body part

Tips (like those on our product pages) will help you find a beauty routine that bridges seasons

Imagine less consumption

Pet cats

Use everything until it’s totally empty

Refill your bottle too, because even containers are multipurpose

Pretend that you are on a deserted island and only have one product

Of course you can use the shampoo bar for your face and body too

Save your extra $$ for experiences, not trendy new products

Everything is multipurpose


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