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Closeup of chamomile flowers in a field

I remember the first time I was introduced to chamomile as a medicine - I was traveling in China and suffering from indigestion and a weakened immune system. Upon hearing my problems, a friend immediately produced a small tin of dried white and yellow flowers, claiming that drinking them in a tea would set me right. That night, after indulging in many cups of that warm, sweetly-scented tea I slept easily, feeling significantly less pain in my stomach and a sense of balance in my mind and body.

This experience with chamomile was but one moment where it was proven to me just how powerfully healing plants can be. In an age of pricey pharmaceuticals and chemically manufactured medicines, we can forget that sometimes, mother nature is the best doctor.

Chamomile is one of those plants that has a long history of healing, and it is widely celebrated for its cleansing and lightly sedative qualities. This Mediterranean flower can be taken internally as a tea or tincture to calm frayed nerves and anxiety, to soothe muscle cramps and reduce internal inflammation, or even to reduce a fever. When applied topically, chamomile’s antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties make it a wonderful balm for repairing wounds and damaged skin as well as for easing swelling and painful joints. Even just breathing in the sweet aroma of chamomile is known to be therapeutic and especially calming for children.

We love chamomile as an ingredient for skin care especially because it is gentle and safe on all skin types. We include the dried flowers in our Face Exfoliant to aid in calming the skin, while adding a lovely, warm & fruity scent to the experience. As an essential oil, a little bit of chamomile goes a long way, making it the perfect addition to our Repair Balm. We source our Roman Chamomile essential oil from a family-owned distillery that steam-distills flowers grown in Oregon’s Willamette Valley. The powerful ingredient works alongside myrrh and vetiver to rejuvenate your skin and assists moisture-rich shea butter, olive oil, and coconut oil to heal damaged, dry, or cracked skin. In addition to doing wonders for your skin, a swipe of Repair Balm on your lips or beneath your nose gives the added benefit of calming and balancing aromatherapy to help get you through your day.

Faye Lessler is a California-born, Brooklyn-based freelance writer and
founder of lifestyle blog, Sustaining Life. She loves to write mission-driven content
while sipping black tea in a beam of sunshine.


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