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Sometimes the Most Meaningful Changes are Nearly Invisible

We’re cutting paper from our line & reducing our carbon footprint even more

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Why We Love Bar Soap

Bar soap is over 5,000 years old, but our obsession with it feels as fresh as ever. Here’s to raising the bar on cleaning your bod.

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Community Is Care

In order to live through the climate crisis, we must remain rooted in our connectedness and take care of the communities that take care of us.

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Why Do We Light Candles?

Candles are ritualistic and therapeutic with uses as varied as their shapes, sizes, and scents. This winter, we’re debuting two limited-edition, hand-poured candles for bringing warmth and light into the...

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Plants Connect Us to Earth

When we pay attention to plant connections, we feel more connected to the Earth, animals, and other people, too. We can’t solve the complex issues of global supply chains just...

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Get To Know Facial Bars

There are so many things to do every day, washing your face should be one of the simplest. But with a dizzying array of products in every aisle, physically or...

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Compost is Beautiful

Compost is an inherent process of nature. The breaking down and transformation of organic matter is how Earth ended up with soil, sediment, and sustenance. It’s a sustainable and regenerative...

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